We need to convert the page.tpl and maintenance-page.tpl to use HTML5 elements.

#2 html5-1347236-2.patch5.96 KBechoz
#1 html5-1347236-1.patch5.15 KBechoz
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My first attempt is fairly simple, hoping this is what you wanted.

Substituted elements <header>, <nav> and used <section> (for id="main").

In <header>, used <hgroup> around h1 id="site-name" and h2 id="site-slogan".
h2 css not included: #site-slogan {font-size: 1em; margin: 0;}

We no longer need the conditional check for only one h1 on the page since html5 allows an h1 per section.

Did not change css, since the ids are preserved on the new elements. Did you want to target the new elements directly in the css?

Unsure if we are to add a <footer> element, considering #1242208: #footer div and .section div wrappers gone missing

Is it odd to continue to use class="section" on the inner divs when now there is a "section" element, or maintain this for an upgrade path? I noticed there is also the thought that these inner divs could go away #1348258: Add box-sizing: border-box to the Zen Columns layout method

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Here's the patch adding the css override for #site-slogan

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Ok, Elly. I used most of your patch and added in some other things as well.

There's lots of divs including a div surrounding the sidebars in region--sidebar.tpl.php that I still want to remove, but I'll have to do that as part of this issue: #1348258: Add box-sizing: border-box to the Zen Columns layout method

Fixed! http://drupalcode.org/project/zen.git/commitdiff/ff13562?hp=d8955e29ce61...

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That's weird. I could have sworn I typed a lot more in that last comment. /me tries again…

Your patch is exactly what I was looking for. You even took note of the other related issues and the direction I intended. :-D

I hadn't thought about using hgroup around site name and slogan. But it makes perfect sense. Nice!

Thanks, Elly! You've got another commit!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.