After the update to the latest version of the CKEditor Module, there is no Linkit Button visible.

"Support for Linkit module" is enabled, I deinstalled and reinstalled the Linkit module to exclude this as a possible error.

The Linkin module expect to change the CKEditor Config File.

  • add the button somewhere in the array: ['Linkit','Link','Unlink','Anchor']
  • insert:
    // Linkit plugin.
    config.extraPlugins += (config.extraPlugins ? ',Linkit' : 'Linkit' );
    CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal('Linkit', Drupal.settings.basePath + Drupal.settings.linkit.modulepath + '/editors/ckeditor/');

I thought this is allready done by CKEditor new Plugin Support. Though I tried to to imply the code in the config file with no effect.

There is a similar thread, but it is about the Drupal 7 version.


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Well the answer is:

The CKEditor Plugin works, if it is copied to the path which is configured by the CKEDitor module.

I copied the "ckeditor" folder from linkit/editors to ckeditor/plugin and it works, though this should maybe solved better than this.

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Version: 6.x-1.8 » 7.x-1.13

This seems to still be true with the latest D7 version of CKEditor. I wasn't able to solve it by copying it to the plugins directory, either.

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Title: Linkt Module does not work with new CKEditor approach » Linkit module button does appear in CKEditor
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Title: Linkit module button does appear in CKEditor » Linkit module button does not appear in CKEditor


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I don't have this issue on 7.13, the button is there for me.

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Issue tags: +I also face this issue in the latest version for D7
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Issue tags: -I also face this issue in the latest version for D7

It works for me on D7.38 with the newest Linkit version.

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The button did not appear for me either until I enabled the regular Link plugin button on the WYSIWYG profile configuration.

This seems to be because I had selected Use default toolbar button grouping. If this is disabled so all buttons appear in one group the LinkIt button appears. Seems the LinkIt button selected on it's own is not enough to force the "link" button group to appear.

Hope that helps others.

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I also faced the same issue. But one thing I missed after putting the "ckeditor" folder from linkit/editors to ckeditor/plugin.

I enabled the Support for Linkit module checkbox under Editor appearance for both Full and Advanced CkEditor profiles and button appears.

Hope this helps to someone.

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This also happened for me, first I had to actually drag and drop the linkit item into the toolbar in the appearance section of the ckeditor config page. Then I had to make sure I had a profile set up in linkit to make it work.

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Or enable just "Unlink".