After the update to the latest version of the CKEditor Module, there is no Linkit Button visible.

"Support for Linkit module" is enabled, I deinstalled and reinstalled the Linkit module to exclude this as a possible error.

The Linkin module expect to change the CKEditor Config File.

  • add the button somewhere in the array: ['Linkit','Link','Unlink','Anchor']
  • insert:
    // Linkit plugin.
    config.extraPlugins += (config.extraPlugins ? ',Linkit' : 'Linkit' );
    CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal('Linkit', Drupal.settings.basePath + Drupal.settings.linkit.modulepath + '/editors/ckeditor/');

I thought this is allready done by CKEditor new Plugin Support. Though I tried to to imply the code in the config file with no effect.

There is a similar thread, but it is about the Drupal 7 version.


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Well the answer is:

The CKEditor Plugin works, if it is copied to the path which is configured by the CKEDitor module.

I copied the "ckeditor" folder from linkit/editors to ckeditor/plugin and it works, though this should maybe solved better than this.

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Version:6.x-1.8» 7.x-1.13

This seems to still be true with the latest D7 version of CKEditor. I wasn't able to solve it by copying it to the plugins directory, either.

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Title:Linkt Module does not work with new CKEditor approach» Linkit module button does appear in CKEditor
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Title:Linkit module button does appear in CKEditor» Linkit module button does not appear in CKEditor


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I don't have this issue on 7.13, the button is there for me.

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It works for me on D7.38 with the newest Linkit version.