I have a view (Books-view) which has the language filter set to default user language. The page URL of the view is set to books-view.
--Educational Center
--- Books View
---First Menu Item
---Second Menu Item
I have three language set on my website (Arabic, English, Hebrew) .... The hebrew breadcrumb works just fine when linking to books-view.
All the menu items underneath my Educational Center Works just fine in English and Arabic Except for the fact that in Arabic and English, the breadcrumb is set to the hebrew language breadcrumb. The secondary menu is working just right. Any ideas on what may cause this weird behavior?

This image http://i41.tinypic.com/2kh3dl.png shows an example of what I am talking about.



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Title: Multilingual Site View BreadCrumb .... » Support & document use of multilingual menus

this comment suggests that the module needs a variable info hook implemented for d7. For d6 I'm happy with documenting the fix in comment #1 from same.

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Looking forward to this.

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added the image