When using views to support the list of nodereference items if the item is not present in the list of _nodereference_potential_references a validation error occurs on submit. This post may very-well be a valid reference and is only scoped by the view reference. The attached patch makes this option a configuration option for the reference.


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Thank you so much for this patch, works great

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@christianchristensen thank you very much for this patch !!! You have saved me many "madness hours".

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

This patch works for me. After upgrading to views 3.x it was impossible to add more than 10 items to a node reference field, I suppose due to the autocomplete limit.

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Applying the patch in #1, and ticking new new nodereference option "Enforce view items in reference list." fixes the problem I had where, like tangent, I could only add ten items to an "unlimited" nodereference field.

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Works like a charm ! Thank you Chris