The kinda duplication of [node:field_field_name] and [node:field-field-name] caused me some puzzling...

Which one is used for what case? What are the differences betwwen the underscore version to the dash version?

A somewhat rellevant issue I have find is #967136: Content type tokens but it did not answer my question.



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Yes, this is confusing the hell out of me too. Can anyone shed some light on the difference between the underscored vs hyphenated tokens? Which version should we use?

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#1272560: Entity tokens duplicates field tokens created by token module Partially documents some of the confusion, but I still don't understand which tokens we should use for the best chance at long term support.

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Nobody does at this point.

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"Nobody does at this point." LOL

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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For what it is worth, tokens with underscores, not the duplicates with hyphens, seem to work in Rules & messaging. Hyphentated tokens don't.