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Last updated: November 14, 2011 - 21:25

Release notes

This version of views fixes some upcoming bugs which were caused by the latest update to 6.x-2.14.
Most important to mention is the replacement-patterns bug, which caused problems if you used flag for example.

See also SA-CONTRIB-2012-134 - Views - Privilege Escalation.

Changes since 6.x-2.14:

  • #1330716 by dereine: Take sure that using a view via views_get_current_view doesn't break the site. If it's empty throw some helpful debugging message
  • #1331032 by dereine: Hide rewriting if the value of a field is actually empty by default. That's maybe causes some views but sure we are doomed anyway. Additional fix it let the custom block actually always display something
  • #1283002 by noisetteprod, joachim: small improvements to API docs
  • #684608 by defr, dereine: Provide a default argument plugin for taxonomy tids
  • #1330716 by markus_petrux, dereine: Views substitutions broken after db_safe() update
  • Followup #1118732: Fix db_version notice.
  • #1020540 by das-peter, geerlingguy: Add a Hide Rewriting if field is empty option
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