I ran a workshop with attendees at Design Camp Berlin earlier this year where we brainstormed ideas for a professional portfolio site. More specific: a mobile portfolio for a freelance photographer.

A specific single person use case:

handwritten 'My Portfolio'

Design and implement a single-page portfolio for a freelance photographer. The primary purpose of this site is to make it as easy as possible to contact her. This portfolio is the professional presence of a freelance person, imagine this to live under www.firstnamelastname.com. It is not a blog. At the core of it are image galleries.

A photographer can do work in different markets like editorial, fashion, news, food etc. The main sections of the portfolio are defined by these. Each project in the portfolio consists of 10 to 15 images. She's in a hurry from location to location. She'll get calls from agency's to show up the next day somewhere else. She wants an quick and easy way to present and update her work.

## Design brief

Create a professional portfolio presentation for a freelance photographer. Purpose: quick contact and presentation of work. In that order. It is not a blog.

- Make it work on a single page (and extend from there)
- The portfolio consists of projects labeled in one of the 3 or 5 categories. Each project contains 8 to 12 photographs.

## Features

- Bulk upload of images is a must have feature for this photographer
- Different aspect ratios for different projects (1 project has 16 by 9 landscape images, another project 4 by 3 and another set has only square images.

## Materials to work with

- This briefing
- Name, title/company and contact information
- Short bio text
- 6 sets of images

Merely a scribble

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Here's a first write-up of what should be in such a site: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ELeY6hq9yfhs01hcI347hY4W7PL5IOCrZg1w...

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Attaching sketches

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Title: Scoping the use case » A specific use case: freelance photographer


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I am currently building a site with very similar requirements to what are listed here -- all of the above, plus one more:

- It should be possible to attach each photograph to multiple projects, if desired, without uploading multiple copies of the same photograph. Each photo has back-links to the project it is contained in.

(I should also disclose that my use-case is actually for an artist, and the photos are pictures of different works. Some works are related, ergo the need for cross-links.)

As Greyside mentioned elsewhere, the "photographer" use case is already large compared to the other use cases. If you added my requirement, it gets more complicated still. If this requirement is in-scope, then I could contribute and help build it (backlinks and teasers already working on my site). I would also understand if you wanted to hold the requirements to those already listed in #0, or perhaps spin out the photographer requirement into a separate profile. I have more than one site with this requirement, though, so I'll probably build an install profile for it at some point in any event.

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@greg.1.anderson as I've been thinking about this one, and writing a few more use cases, I've been getting the sense that in addition to the "Digital CV", there is a feature type you might call "Showcase". If Portfolio implemented some kind of Showcase standard, I wonder if things like an Art Gallery could just be standalone. Still brewing on this one...

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Title: A specific use case: freelance photographer » A specific use-case: Freelance photographer
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added the specifics about photographer use case, added wireframe sketch