Okay, I'm seeing very few bugs with the Drupal 7 module, and I'm already using it in an install profile. Are there any blocks to an official release? Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with dev versions, but a numbered version would be nice so that I will no longer have to fork the project just for the sake of my drupal-org.make file.


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I'm looking into it right now, but will probably need feedback from Hugo.

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Status: Active » Needs work
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Any progress on this? I think dev is stable enough to at least claim it's alpha. I use this module to reposition vertical tabs on the admin theme and would love to be able to include a point release in my make files.

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The only issue I see at the moment is field groups not being supported. I find this to be a big usability hold back as quite often fieldgroups are needed for the rendering of a form but not needed for the admin form. If there is a way to allow fields inside fieldgroups to be rendered then I think the module is ready for release. At the moment the fields appear in the manage form tab but are never rendered.

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Looks like this post isn't relevant about the dev version because it's currently in a stable 1.0. I would like to release a recommended 1.1 version and add the mentioned support for field groups, that patch can be found and tested here.


Going to mark this issue as a duplicate, feel free to open it if there is something not addressed in the related issue.