Last updated 19 June 2015. Created on 5 April 2007.
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This is a complete manual and step-by-step guide for building multilingual websites with Drupal and the Internationalization (i18n) package.

Drupal 7.x has some built-in multilingual support to provide a localized user interface and translatable content. However, not everything is yet localizable/translatable. This package tries to fill the gaps that still exist. A few of the important features which the Internationalization package provides are:

  • A proper multilingual menu system
  • Multilingual blocks
  • Multilingual taxonomy

The features of the Internationalization package are split into submodules, which are documented in the submodules section of this manual. You should generally not enable all of the Internationalization package submodules but, instead, enable them as you need them.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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