D-7 I want one particular page to have one column. I tried creating a specific template for it. page-node-12.tpl.php but it is not being seen. I clear the cache each time I make a change. Am I forgetting something?



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Are you using the correct syntax?

I think it should be:


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No, I wasn't. That was it. Thank you. Why the double dashes now?

Thank you!

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I think it is to prevent confusion between compound names and template suggestions. So names
like "maintenance-page.tpl.php" have a single dash but template suggestions like page--front.tpl.php
have double dashes.


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Version:7.x-1.0» 7.x-1.2
Status:Active» Fixed
Issue tags:+Bluemasters theme, +bluemasters

I changed the status of this issue to "fixed" based on the discussion of yogarenzi and timdavison.
Thank you timdavison for your responses.


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