Dear Webmasters,
i had problems to contact the maintainers from
Fileframework module for several weeks

Link to project:

I Made a copy of the module as a sandbox project.
But i renamed all functions to a new module name "ffw2" to
work parallel with installed fileframwork module

1:1 working copy of fileframework from git tree

the current fileframwrok module is still useable but there are no maintainers
to support any issues or new code

can u give me access as a maintainer to keep this module alive?

kind regards
johannes hahn


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Title: abandoned project fileframework » Offering to maintain abandoned project "fileframework"
Status: Needs work » Needs review

Just so this is helped along ..

@johanneshahn - right you should probably be working on making your changes to the fileframework git tree. Since you renamed all the files and function, and didn't start from the latest git clone, you will not be able to directly port your current sandbox. Make sure you start working from the git tree, and not a download of the module. To continue to maintain the module as it stands, the module must still be called the same thing!

This step should already be complete by the time this issue was opened (issue 1202748 was actually meant to be moved here, not a new issue opened).

@ webmaster
This project has been dead for a while. The issue to query if the module was still maintained is here #1202748: Is this (amazing) module still maintained? and has not had a maintainer response in 19 weeks (a little more than the 2 weeks required).

johanneshahn is willing to take it over, and has been directed here from the project app queue.

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i made a 1:1 working copy of fileframework started from the git tree


do i have to make some changes in the code yet, or still waiting?

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Title: Offering to maintain abandoned project "fileframework" » Offering to maintain File Framework

Hello, miglius. I am writing you because johanneshahn ( offered to maintain the module.

Please reply to If you don't reply before two weeks, the module will be probably passed to johanneshahn.

Best regards,
kiamlaluno site maintainer Git administrator

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Status: Needs review » Active
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Hallo kiamlaluno,
is it possible to pass the module to me now?
people waiting for some important bug fixes
and i want to fix them this weekend.

Best regards

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Status: Active » Fixed

I've transferred ownership to @johanneshahn. Please update the maintenance information, as it currently says Abandoned and Obsolete.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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