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MD5: 65a9fadf16f92d3bc17e5545ec596cca
SHA-1: 9c6f62055022bf4d7e89d36835b684af6bfa2b28
SHA-256: 599916a5dd60dc3bbcb4bb1fa300ddc4c9ba824b91475c2fdd49a0aa284e7fd2
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SHA-256: 2f011503dc9e540e1d040440dc02eb2536f8b96c5c5e5d8c115fbdc4b2c082c5
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MD5: 63affa9780a24168821f8518423cb2e4
SHA-1: 54685e9f32d1051406df80216969f8ff4fef1029
SHA-256: 8ff29ee5a6c74afb5410900c864be010ee64a1037012cdd15603c7e557353ce6
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MD5: 99d10acf10cc0ed9812532ce3c54e792
SHA-1: d8be9f36f6380bf4e1b3e8206ca12be03c97d760
SHA-256: bb8f1b0228ce7373a96a7fb4317a2a62c2a17655f60bd70794a98d985c2a1a3d
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MD5: cf2b24b9359d4a8a19cff26a391645b5
SHA-1: c435c75139be54536e23b5d318275902da09a575
SHA-256: b8716dfc90144673697a7328c57f972988d1013607b3de8ec2cb7de1eb4d8140
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MD5: 49a4ff7bd1a41b72d4473bbc16ac17bd
SHA-1: b23ef1446b00553e904cb7c25a3732582be46735
SHA-256: 277975ae6aafa333c19f062417ceed11c19d72c0bc15448ee2b708172e78eef2

Release info

Created by: drupalninja99
Created on: November 8, 2011 - 01:46
Last updated: July 6, 2016 - 20:22
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Initial creation of branch. No work done yet. This will be the home all all openchurch modules, etc except maybe the theme which has it's own project openchurch_theme.

Patches applied in this package

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Calendar #1445228: Calendar granularity path causing PHP notices
Chaos tool suite (ctools) #1739718: assign property of non-object in ctools_block_content_type_render
Drupal core #1245332: Warning when all bundles removed from an entity
Features #1063204: Adding a new permission causes integrity constraint violation
Features Extra #1338000: Exported nodequeues have bad references
Fusion Accelerator #1847392: Fusion Accelerator & Skinr Issues
Fusion Accelerator #1373296: Support Panels
Media: Vimeo #1485768: Image Styles - Broken Thumbs?
Media: Vimeo #1585348: Fatal error breaking Drush/Aegir install
Media: YouTube #1485768: Image Styles - Broken Thumbs?
Media: YouTube #1585348: Fatal error breaking Drush/Aegir install

External code in this package

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