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Last updated: November 7, 2011 - 12:31

Release notes


  • some changes in css files
  • removed trailing spaces
  • little code cleaned up


  • fixed Aggregate JS for pickstyle and pickicons
  • renamed README to README.txt
  • changed text for stylepicker and local content file
  • removed jquery.pngFix.js (3rd party)


  • make it W3C conform
  • Removed html.tpl.php
  • calculations of sidebars contents in template.php
  • used functions preprocess_html and process_html
  • improved print.css
  • little changes in styles.css
  • tpl files now in templates folder
  • some fixes in in block tpls to make it W3C conform


  • removed ie png fix does not work with drupal 7/8 i have only uncomment the functions
  • some css changes
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