In Nodestream contributors can be both people with and without a user account. For the ones that do have a user account it would be cool to have a way to keep the contributor node in sync with the user account so the user only has to update stuff like photo, bio, etc. in one place.

I am working on creating a rule or two to achieve this. Let me know if there is an easier way. :)


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Oh, also let me know if this is at all desired for Nodestream ;)

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Seems like a nice feature! Works somewhat like the module Cross clone but for User <-> Node.

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This should actually be possible now, because Cross clone supports entity references, and we moved everything over to entity references now. Definitely worth looking into!

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Wouldn't it be smarter to "just" use the data directly from the user object when the contributor is an existing Drupal user?

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Lars, you mean instead of the clone?

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Yes basically what I was thinking, it doesn't make much sense to keep data updated 2 places.