When a user buys a product the system has to create a coupon code and email it with the rest of the order's info.


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It would be great to have this.

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Agreed. This is critical to a deals site, and would be great to have this.

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The coupon should be unique also. That way its trackable and can't be shared. To go along w/ that, there needs to be a way to output a list of coupon codes so as coupons are brought into a business, the cashier (for example) can cross the used coupon off the list.

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agree with that0n3guy.

We'll implement this in the next 2 weeks. (We have some paid work to do in the mean time).

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Definitely a crucial feature for a deals style website :)

Probably could even implement something through a cck computed field easily enough

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any update on this? It's a little past the 2 weeks that were advised of above?

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Status: Active » Needs work
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We're working on this, we'll have it on the next version... very soon!

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Status: Needs work » Closed (fixed)
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How or where is the coupon field being set in orders upon completion? I don't see it in the rules anywhere.

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can someone respond to what #11 says?

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The way I implemented all of the above is by create a module that when a deal expires I create a coupon code for each order (orders can only have 1 item) and save it along with the order.
I also change the state of the order at that moment, so a rule that sends out emails is triggered.

As for the list to give out to the store you only need to create a view that shows order related to a specific deal, having fields such as name, address, coupon code etc.

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What I was asking is how the code is generated and where? It shows up in the orders but I'm unsure how that happens.

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What was the outcome of this issue? Does the Open Deals 7.x-1.14 version have the ability to create a coupon code and email it with the rest of the order's info?