How do I get the 'correct' "Sent" time in the Chat window?

My problem is this:
The time for each post in the chat window is not the same as the site time nor is it reflective of the time an individual user posted (though they are the same at present since we are all in the same timezone). The admin/settings/chatroom "Chat date format" settings are ignored. What I see is, in parentheses, a date 6 hours ahead of me, ie. (16:28:33). But I am at 10:28.

At admin/settings/chatroom, I am using '* \S\e\n\t m-d-Y \a\t h:i A' in the "Chat date format" box (The default settings also did not work.). The help text DOES show that the above should read as "* Sent 11-03-2011 at 07:14 PM."

Not knowing what might be affecting this I played with the Regional Settings in the D7 admin section, with no change, cleared caches, created a new chat and still nothing effected the time shown in the chat window.

I'd like to have the chat window reflect the site's Regional Settings, at least. Am I misunderstanding how and where this date format is used?

Can I get a few pointers on how to solve this? It does make it confusing to some people.

And a great thanks for pushing this to D7, I run one site for family members to stay in touch and chat is THE one feature that they use every day.


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Seems to be the same as:
"Chat clock is two hours too slow"
I used the manual patch provided in that thread. Works for me, although it seems to be a workaround, not a real solution.