Last week, Jeff Robbins released a whimsical tune named The Drupal Song. It sticks in your ear and was the source of much fun and joking at the OSCMS Summit. Now Jeff has released all of the tracks for the song and is encouraging people to do The Drupal Song the open source way - by rolling your own. Take the tracks and mash them up to make your own crazy rendition. Most important, have fun!


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Hey you guys are just cool. I have been replying this time and again.

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hehe I've benn replaying it also, it's funny and sticks into ear.

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GPLizing the song sounds funny. We'll see how it works. Great idea anyway.

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..and because it's now GPLed, there is now a Drupal ringtone available in the norwegian Drupal site. Check the news at

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That's like some kinda chill out remix for listening to as the sun goes down on a beach. looool.

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You guys are complete geeks. I bow down in awe.

         __.'   |   .,
       ,'_   _  | :` ;
       |'_` '_`|' : ,'
       |(o) (o)|  ; ;   
       `|  A  |'  ; ;
     _..| `-' |..'.'
   .'.--.     .--'
 .'.'   |     |
 | :    |     |
 : |    |     |
 `.`.   ;     :
   `'   Y  .  Y
        |  |  |
        |  |  |
        ;  |  :
       /   |   \
      ;    |    :

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And mine. :p


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what i am waiting for now is a videoke version with a bouncing ball on the lyrics lol

or a "battle of the bands" in Druplicon in Barcelona ;-)

hvor oversettere, utviklere, leverandører, og brukere av Drupal i Norge samles!

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I haven't seen anyone taking credit for this, but I found it on youtube. Its a "music video"


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That singing Drupal just looks scary...

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Nice one. A little bit of soul music never heart anyone...

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My son and I have had a great time with this song. A couple video clips we did at .


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You guys are complete geeks. lol :P

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Great song ;)

Think. Filozofia i Religia. Or Filozofia i Religia.

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Hehe, lovely song!

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Jeff song is nice and funny it made laugh, actually i didn't except this before listening to it :))
Thanks Jeff.
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Come listen to the latest music on . No subscription required!

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My 2 year old daughter is addicted! She comes up to me as ask me to play "Drupal" on a somewhat regular basis. She occasionally gets strange looks in crowds when she randomly starts singing "If you want a website, you need a system to manage your content". My wife rolls her eyes each time she starts up.

Good Times!

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I want more remixes!

.... Drupal, Drupal, Drupal, Drupal, ....