I'm setting up an e-commerce site. However, this is unique because there will be one storefront, but there will be multiple merchants in that storefront. The owner of the site wants all orders directed to the seller, not to the site-owner (invoice at least, ideally payment too).

The reason to do it all in one storefront is so that site visitors can buy from multiple vendors and only 'check out' once....after checkout, the appropriate invoices/orders are sent to the proper seller, and ideally, the payment as well.

Think of this like Amazon.com. They sell from many stores around the world, but you buy from all of them with one checkout process.

Does anyone have a clue how this, or something similar could be achieved using E-Commerce, Ubercart, or anything else?

The only option I see right now is just to have the sellers have their own paypal links with 'buy it now' buttons...but that's not integrated with the rest of the drupal site, and it would get confusing.

Any help or ideas would be very much appreciated.


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I have a similar need. I'm setting up a site to allow people to order food online from multiple restaurants.

I've figured out that each product (which is a menu item for an individual restaurant) has to have a field that identifies that menu item with that particular restaurant.

I then create a view for each restaurant which is basically their online menu (or shop). I filter the view based up the field that identifies them.

It's working great in testing.... The invoice will eventually be sent to a email to fax service, which is received by the delivery company itself.

Then the problem is that I can't have a customer order from more than one restaurant at a time.

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Just an update....I hired a developer to develop this capability. It will be available for pay pal accounts only, and will be made available to the drupal community late this summer (if all goes according to plan)....stay tuned.

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Thanks for working on this. You probably should assign this to yourself then if you are the one building it. :)

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Version: 5.x-3.0-rc1 » 5.x-3.0
Category: support » feature

(This is actually a feature request rather than a support request. Just changing the issue information.)

Looking forward to the release this summer. :)

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assigning to me....

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Hey Bob,

Any update on the progress of this? I have a site that needs this capability.


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Hey blue...
Here's an update....

Half way thru development of this module, the client changed directions. So, currently, this module is "half done". It will still be released this summer sometime, but it will be delayed a little bit.

Instead we've developed a different way of doing multiple sellers. It actually handles all payments offsite using paypal or COD (but uses the ecommerce system to process and track orders, etc). It was extremely custom so you'd have to be a developer to get it working for you...but we released the code in case anyone wanted to hack on it...it can be found here: http://drupal.org/project/ec_mvmg

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eC4 will have the eC commissions module. It will allow to pay your users from purchases from your site. It can be even 100%, so the money is all redirected to them. Using Views, you can also create a customized catalog form each mini-store.

In other words, it will be possible on eC4.



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brmassa, which version of e-Commerce has this been 'fixed' for?

I notice that the Commission modules are included in 5.x-4.x-dev, but I don't think this is available in 5.x-3.0.

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ec_commissions is only available for v4 of e-Commerce which is still currently in alpha. It is still under very high development but it will do exactly what you are wanting to do.

We do not currently have the payment system developed yet, but this will be done in the next few weeks where the commissions calculated can then be paid to the sellers. This will be at first done with PayPal but other payment system can be implemented as well.

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Version: 5.x-3.0 » 5.x-4.x-dev
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how to follow ec_commissions module progress?

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for two weeks with no activity.

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Version: 5.x-4.x-dev » 6.x-4.0-rc15
Component: store » ec_commission
Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

Is this supposed to be part of 6.4? I don't see it. Where can I find the module?

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Hello, I think this contrib project maybe dead as the poster is from 2007.

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It was actually a part of 5.x-4.x which was never released. 6.x-4.x when on a diet and a lot of modules didn't make it into the new version and a lot of them were put up for people to take on as independent projects. Commissions was one of these projects.

Commissions is a great idea and I want to finish it, and I will do that one day, or maybe sooner if I have a need to finish it.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.