I'm having the very strange problem in my local dev environment, which somewhat mirrors a similar problem with my live config.

on my windows dev environment, I can log-in to my drupal installation just fine when accessing it using:


HOWEVER, if I try to access it using:

I cannot log-in. If I type the wrong password, then I get a warning box. But if I type in the right password, then nothing happens. it seems like it just does a reload of the home page. Nothing shows up in the logs, either.

It must be a config problem, but I have no idea what or where.

BTW, I have a similar problem with my site hosted on Site5. However, on site5 if I switch from php5 to php4, I can log-in just fine. Switching to php4 on my local dev environment doesn't help.


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while setting up drupal you should have granted privileges to a user on the database u r using for ur site. grant those privileges to the user @ipaddress; just like this

grant all privileges on database.* to user@ identified by 'password';

dont mention the port number in the sql statement;

this will definetely work and change the settings.php

$db_url= 'mysql://username:password@;

$base_url= ';

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It's the 'client' that cannot login to drupal using the ipaddr as the hostname.

drupal can talk to mysql just fine because the client workstation can access the site as an anonymous user just fine.

thanks for trying, though. any other thoughts? I must be something in authentication or .htaccess, but I don't know enough about these things.

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Just did some more checking, and here is what I have found:

http:localhost:8080/sitename => works fine.

http:/ => does not work. cannot log in

- the drupal logs say that a session was successfully opened for the user trying to log in,
- the client is redirected to 'http:/'
- however, the client still sees the anonymous user homepage

I checked the cookies in FF, and I can see multiple PHPSESSID cookies created for the 'localhost' session, but
there are no cookes at all - even the one created for the 'anonymous' user - at

>> NO COOKIES ARE CREATED for the sessions from http://:8080/sitename

Why would drupal be unable to write cookies to the ipaddr session???

How do I debug this?

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Were you ever able to solve this problem? I have a similar problem right now, and I haven't been able to find a solution.