I have a problem with the slideshow on banner. If i am not logged in the slideshow cycles and can see all the slides one by one normaly. But when i do the log in the slideshow stops, and I can see all the cycles like at the same time in a table.

Some idea of why?

Thank you!


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Are you using Opera? I've noticed it loads like that in Opera then suddenly 'clicks into place' correctly but for a brief second you can see them loaded above each other.

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No, it's not depend on the browser. I have proved in all browsers.

When I see the site on localhost i have no problem but when is on the server it doesn't work. I have a problem with all the "jquery objects" my site is using. Is a problem of the server, and i think i have to modified something in the .htaccess, because i have no control of the server...

I'm still searching the solution...

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I have the very same issue using Business, Performance Pro, and other themes e.g. Elegant, and Premium Corporate. Just can't seem to nail down the issue.