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MD5: 5e36e94498991098e19c6189edd55bae
SHA-1: 57f4a99dfa8b5a60ffdbbca107ee6d72635df916
SHA-256: e2d8a498f5768b1ef65a56689852ddc8966c6bc5a398d846ac206a56ed5e8588
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MD5: 89d216586ba1793791f7c511e4c2bb57
SHA-1: deee5a2ee29254e556c0ea4e79d6f0469e70bb20
SHA-256: b41d264b7fed46d72b606d6d82bb0fae04715a782df4a25043a2f4769613f5df

Release info

Created by: redndahead
Created on: October 26, 2011 - 00:31
Last updated: October 26, 2011 - 00:40
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 6.x-3.0-beta1:

  • #1321244 by aaron: Added Undocumented paused and resumed options.
  • #1113012 by redndahead | ts145nera: Fixed Multiple Options problem.
  • settings is undefined. View is undefined.
  • Add option to hide controls if there is only a single row. Move the pager hiding up a level in the code since it should apply to all pagers.
  • #1116118 by redndahead | linclark, bevan: Fixed Broken image URI breaks slideshow.
  • #1286038 by heyyo: Fixed Notice: Undefined variable: vars in theme_views_slideshow_controls_widget_render().
  • #1027644 by dboulet, bt82: Added Allow custom row classes in Views Slideshow.
  • #1240642 by Steven Jones: Fixed Views slideshow js is added in hook_init().
  • #1081436 by osopolar, bensey | camdarley: Added Hide pager when there is only one slide.
  • #1226804: Added metaAttr and width option. Also fixed my inability to do alphabetical order.
  • #1212484 by thegreat, fenstrat, rootatwc, robin.puga, David Stosik | smithkyle1992: Fixed Hardcoded jQuery Cycle plugin filename (jquery.cycle.all.min.js) differs to source filename (jquery.cycle.all.js).
  • #1270356 by redndahead: Remove old hoverIntent code and replace with libraries support.
  • #1270326 by redndahead: Fixed Make pause/play handling more generic.
  • Fixes error stating action_advanced is undefined.
  • #1200082 by redndahead: Fixed Call to undefined function _views_slideshow_preprocess_views_slideshow_cycle_main_frame(). This may be just a start. Need to get a feel about how this will affect the module.
  • #1173910 by redndahead|morningtime: Fixed Custom template for views-slideshow.tpl.php fails: $skin and $slideshow lost .
  • #1179354 by inolen: Fixed Can't override views-slideshow-pager-field.tpl.php.
  • Followup to 112830
  • #1128930 by iStryker: Fixed If you have a header and bottom pager, they have the same id.
  • #1182644 by Rob Loach: Fixed 'missing ; before statement'.... Don't forget yer semi-colons!.
  • #1122180 by redndahead: Fixed Notice: Undefined variable: skin.
  • #1102332 by mgifford: Fixed Not Accessible to Keyboards.
  • #1074620 by redndahead: Fixed Pause on hover and pause on click don't work together.
  • Move to views api version 3.
  • Add support for libraries api
  • Add ctools dependency.
  • #1159596 by grafikchaos: Fixed Make PHP function names valid (remove the [widget-type] from the function names).
  • Document the code.
  • Check to make sure a main slideshow is defined before building the slideshow.
  • #1090052 Don't load javascript if libraries is not found. Should help remove some fatal errors
  • #1112568 by WorldFallz: Fixed pager not getting active-state.
  • #1090150 by redndahead | metakel: Fixed active pager not styled, Widget settings' blank.
  • Clean up white space.
  • #1079960 by redndahead | rvilar: Fixed Advanced options that require return values do not work.
  • arbel, alduya: Fix problems with uniqueids when multiple of the same slideshow is added to the page.
  • #1091444 by redndahead: Fixed Notice: Undefined variable: modules in views_slideshow_plugin_style_slideshow()->options_form() (line 92.
  • Remove extra module_invoke call
  • #1089742 by redndahead: Changed Clean up naming of the api.
  • #1049686 by snufkin: Fixed Cannot read property 'transitionBegin' of undefined.
  • #1065974 by chiddicks: Fixed Rephrase misleading jquery.cycle library missing message.
  • #1051944 by Steven Jones: Added Use libraries API.
  • #1088788 by redndahead: Added Rewrite the api to automatically detect if a widget is compatible with a slideshow.
  • Change empty to isset hopefully fix the last of the errors.
  • Add support for ctools dependent
  • #1070042 by ronan, eosrei, redndahead | cmcpasserby: Fixed Undefined index: in template_preprocess_views_slideshow() line 19 - $instances[$vss_id()]++.
  • slideshows embedded.
  • Stripping CVS keywords
  • #1030648 by edmund.kwok | mikhaiel: Views Slide Show Pager.
  • #1018136 by Network | bramface: Images show up in 'unformatted' style but disappear in slidehow style (.
  • #1024324 by Network | phani00: Fixed 'illegal offset type' in due to faulty 'type' param in call to drupal_add_css().
  • #1031176 by snufkin: Fixed Controls div always rendered.
  • #931466 by Bevan | Hilko: Fixed Fields pager outputs only text, not clickable.
  • #659736 by redndahead | leenwebb: Added How to link to a specific node within the slideshow.
  • #1022240 by alpritt: Fixed Missing link in help.
  • #1022298 by redndahead: Changed Move initial pager and control setup into their own behaviors.
  • #1022050 by redndahead: Changed Combine all action methods into a single method passing an object as a paramater.
  • #1012464 by eft: Added Change Module Description.
  • #1014710 by redndahead | bkno: Fixed Text controls not clickable.
  • #1018754 by redndahead | MrPhilbert: Fixed January 7th dev release not cycling.
  • #1012468 by redndahead, eft: Added Separate external javascript libraries into sub directories.
  • #1016654 by redndahead | luco: Fixed IE7 won't cycle pics.
  • #1012324 by redndahead | Network: Fixed Images don't display fully when visiting the view's URL.
  • #1011920 by redndahead: Changed Backport 7.x changes to the 6.x codebase.
  • remove unneeded install file.
  • #1004842 by redndahead: Added Replace river of advanced options with a json encoded hidden text area with javascript enhancements.
  • Remove unnecessary option in theme.
  • Added more consitency across theme functions.
  • #1004898 by redndahead: Changed Rearrange javascript so it is in a js folder remove jquery cycle.
  • #999548 by redndahead: Added Add something like hook_views_slideshow_pager_settings() to the controls widget.
  • #1004054 by redndahead: Fixed Improve api on pagers also fix php 5.3 errors for byref.
  • #999546 by redndahead: Fixed Implement go to slide and pause on hover for pager_fields().
  • Missed a file in rewrite commit.
  • By snufkin: Add api.php to define the api
  • Missed some files
  • Remove Legacy Modules
  • #991708 by redndahead, snufkin: Added Rewrite to make a stronger more generic api.
  • #927856 by redndahead | mfer: Fixed Improper use of t().