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MD5: 0d98c2c361e5936593b8365614fa04e3
SHA-1: e3a150b3a35527f953fc1d529f722d940104d4e3
SHA-256: 0fac34d60b5d88e7d70dbd5871964831f410bfda538a969c000f534803f5c445
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MD5: b16557aaf793d63ba62ba68f49c4e3af
SHA-1: 71551f0b7ec993c1c3d6cad8cc73e54181c8c8ae
SHA-256: 6493615699a5fe45ea436fbbaab4dc2245596aa54f73df68636d330c6120238c
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/entity:^1.0'
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Release info

Created by: fago
Created on: 25 Oct 2011 at 15:55 UTC
Last updated: 25 Oct 2011 at 15:55 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

Change records!
Developers and site-builders, please note the change records applicable for this release: link

Changes since 7.x-1.0-beta10:

  • #1066398 follow-up to fix reverse entity relationships to not result in broken handlers since beta10.
  • overhauled and updated API docs
  • #1275926 improved documentation to strongly suggest providing the module key in entity-info.
  • #1208862 Fixed updating translatable fields.
  • #1243494 fixed a sometimes occurring issue with a not set required key in field API instances.
  • #1306906 Ensure entity_view() works as documented and has a unified return value.
  • #1114454 patch by joachim, fago: limit generated views relationships by bundle entities if available.
  • Revert accidentily pushed commit: " limit by bundle"
  • improved the verbatim property getters and setters to take the 'schema-field' into account
  • #1290986 fixed the entity-test module implementation to avoid using entity_load() in hook_entity_info().
  • #1030140 Do not throw exceptions when wrapping an entity with a stale reference.
  • #1279726 EntityAPIControllerExportable::view duplicates the view content.
  • #1044332 patch by Amitaibu, fago, rszrama: added status properties for user and comment entity and fixed the node status property to be of type integer too.
  • limit by bundle
  • #1300066 do not format integer tokens to allow using them to construct URLs
  • #1280266 patch by Island Usurper, fago: Provide a way for properties to specify that entity tokens are not required.
  • #1306890 by das-peter: Ensure entity id exists in results before render in entity_plugin_row_entity_view()::render().
  • #1267070 Do not lazy-rebuild defaults for exported entities.
  • #1216258 patch by klausi, fago: add entity-type description, multiple label keys to entity-info.
  • fixed entity_view() to work as documented and to have a unified return value.
  • #1291052 update provided views integration to match latest views.
  • #1282506 by joachim: Documentation improvements.
  • #1066398 follow-up patch by smk-ka: fix names of provided reverse relationships to be unique. Requires updating all views that make use of that relationships.
  • #1276740 fixed entity property info for fields to not contain escaped HTML in the description.
  • #1261192 patch by Amitaibu: Make entity_property_values_create_entity() also accept properties having no metadata.
  • #1273046 don't call rules_invoke_event() for configuration
  • #1253194 allow modules to distinguish reverts from regular deletes and fixed fields are deleted when reverting exported bundle entities
  • fixed the wrapper to do not break entity references containing not yet saved entities.
  • #1196456 provide a harmonized entity_form() function.
  • #1239062, #1251928: disabled the provided Rules integration for configuration entity types by default.
  • #1239062 added an entity-info key to determine entity types being configuration.
  • fixed the entity CRUD rules integration test case to work with the latest Rules module.
  • fixed to always set $entity->is_rebuild when syncing exportables to the database
  • #1208864 follow-up: API change: Make the 'page' setting for entity view useful again.
  • #1236882 patch by mh86: follow-up to only provide rules entity-view events for entity types having view modes.
  • #1236882 patch by mh86: Provide Rules events for entity view for entity types using the entity API controller.
  • #1236882 fixed the wrappers to support 'options list' callbacks for wrappers that are not derived from another wrapper i.e. that are not wrapped entity properties.
  • fixed wrappers to correctly keep NULL values when sanitizing text.
  • #640024 patch by tekante: make it easier to customize the generated entity property info.
  • #1236986 fixed comment and taxonomy term creation via entity_property_values_create_entity() and the tests.
  • added a test to ensure wrapper properly work in case of bundle-key changes.
  • #1235802 improved the wrapper to treat FALSE entity values as NULL values.
  • #1236736 ensure exceptions are only thrown when calling value().
  • #1227252 patch by helior: Pass to entity_load() in EntityDefaultUIController::overviewTable().
  • #1230776 patch by jdleonard, fago: Add views support for property types uri, boolean; float for decimal + fixed switch to have correct breaks.
  • #1230572 patch by helior: Positive integer validation not being applied to non-id columns in entity_metadata_convert_schema().
  • fixed generic entity wrappers trying to load data when it is not available.
  • #1214974 patch by drunken monkey: Provide a way for the wrapper to alter the property info of referenced entities
  • Added a property info cache-clear once field-cache is complete.


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