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  • D7 of Training manual template can be found here. (Older DOC version)
  • First cut at Affinity Bridge D7 Training manual by ArianeK - Public Google Doc - you'll need to make a copy of the original and then you'll be able to work on it directly on Google Docs or download in another format. (Posted December 5, 2011)

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Angelo Giammarresi’s picture

I downloaded the file but I couldn't open with OpenOffice 3.3 it makes the program crash.
Can you make it in another file format maybe simple .pdf or .doc?
Thank you otherwise all your effort results vain.

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Hope this is helpful. Note the new link.

Angelo Giammarresi’s picture

Thank you very much!

Great work. I will read it soon.


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Why did this version of the manual become a branded enterprise? The original that I based on the D6 version, had an acknowledgement in the appendix - not a license agreement. Please explain your rationale.