I thought I saw this request before, but I couldn't find it - sorry if I'm duplicating:

It would be great if there was possible to attach files (e.g. pdfs) to the new nodes during import. I'm trying to build a 'library' in drupal to make an exisiting collection of publications more accessible, and the biblio module would be perfect - but only if attaching of files could be done automatically.
Otherwise I was thinking of using cck and the import-export api, but I really like the Endnote and bibtex compatibility of this module...

Great work!


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I'm not sure what you mean by this, correct me if I'm wrong, but to the best of my knowledge, none of the import formats (bibTex, EndNote or RIS) have the ability to attach files.

You can use the upload module to attach files to a biblio node, but this would have to be done on an individual basis.

The other option would be to provide a URL in the import file which would point to a pdf on the server.


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Yes, I should have made this clearer: I thought making an option that makes use of the URL field to get a file to attach it to the biblio node. Maybe this sounds a bit akward, so let me explain what is my reasoning:

At my workplace, there is a great overlap in the literature that people use for their work, which means that pdfs of papers get stored multiple times (once by each person), everybody has the work of maintaining their bibtex or Endnote bibliographies etc.
With the bibliography module this duplicate work could be avoided, and with the access control system of drupal it would be possible to store the files in a central place where they are accessible for users even if they are not at their workplace. If I would use the URL field and store the files somewhere else on the server, we would need additional authentication, because we cannot make the copyrighted pdfs openly accessible to anyone.

In the future, the entering (and attaching) could just as well be done by hand - however, we already have quite a large database that is not accessible and searchable via the web. It seems to me that drupal and the bibliography module would be the perfect solution if an import with file attachments was possible.

But I fully understand if my need is a bit too specific to be included...

Thanks for looking into this anyway!

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An interesting idea though, I'll keep it in mind when I revamp the file attach portions of the module.

Extending the idea a bit further, I could see that if the URL were pointing to an HTML page, you could just dump all the html content into a field in the database, and then you could just pull it out to display the full text.


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I'd definitely like to subscribe to this feature. I have an EndNote file with lots of attachments and would love it if they were preserved. This could be particularly easy with EndNoteX which stores the attached files in a relative path and refers to it as internal-pdf://FileName.pdf (with the XML tag
). The (only) way to deal with this would be to import the file name and then upload the attached files into a specified server directory. I guess this could work with older versions of EndNote too if the absolute path would be stripped and only the file name retained.

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Sounds like this would be an easier solution, since the drupal uploading would not have to be used? Either way, it would be great to get this functionality!


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can someone advice me about this fact?
i have the same problem
i imported a big list into module but i want to know if there is an automated way to trasfer the endnote attachments to the module database

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Status: Active » Closed (duplicate)

If this is not accomplish-able with the standard Drupal file upload functionality, it will certainly be satisfied with #682044: Support fields (CCK) in D7 Bibliography Module. Fields (CCK) integration will allow seamless use of the FieldField module, which has been integrated into D7 core!