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  • Many people don't like being called "Anonymous" so you might want to change the designation to "Visitor”
    • Configuration > Account Settings

    Set Anonymous to Visitor

  • Check box on "Clean URLs" to make your site more user friendly
    • Configuration > Clean URLs
    • CleanURLs

  • While preparing the site's initial content, it might be useful to set "Full HTML" as the default, but only until the site is ready to go live (then it needs to be set back to "Filtered HTML" for security reasons)
    • Configuration > Text formats
    • Text Formats

  • Many people don't like having "Promoted to front page" as a default for content. To turn that off, uncheck the box, in each Content type.
    • Structure > Content types
    • You can also decide on your default comment mode. Uncheck “Show reply form on the same page as comments” and make sure that "Preview comment" is set to "Required", in each Content type
      • Content types > Comment settings

      Content Type

  • If you want to use the contact form to email anyone from the site, be sure to enable the "Contact" module (see Adding a Contact Form). Turn on the Contact form so your users can send you a message. Locate the "Contact" item and check the "enable" box and save.
    • Structure > Menus > Navigation (it should be listed here by default)


  • Remember that later on you will want to complete the set up
    • Structure > Contact form

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