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MD5: 99716fce4b3a95e656d82da4d6e3189f
SHA-1: ad961a25c57807bdd38b3428c4e1dcecd1e0dec0
SHA-256: eb4b6f4242bb64f450ef5b1584c8555630b152feca48e457adea82a9f3753558
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MD5: 37b7f946ec474970e8bacfd9d0428d8a
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Release info

Created by: TR
Created on: 19 Oct 2011 at 23:36 UTC
Last updated: 19 Oct 2011 at 23:40 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Some of the changes since 6.x-2.6:

  • Backport .info file changes to D6.
  • #1306140: Changes to product options should clear the page cache.
  • Put USPS documentation on Change link in admin settings to point to the documentation.
  • Documented the two places where the implementation of theme_uc_reports_product_table() is intended to be different from theme_table().
  • Backport UPS admin form improvements from D7.
  • Backport USPS admin form improvements from D7.
  • #1113092: Shipping quote summary page links to invalid URL.
  • Remove unused help text.
  • #548728: Add help text to /admin/store/settings/products/edit/fields.
  • #852458: Save order comments before triggering a status update.
  • #1059580: Fix catalog block title link when title is overridden in block settings.
  • #904986: Add CSS class to empty cart text.
  • #1291992: Remove uc_cart_links_update_last_removed() to avoid incorrect warnings on D5 to D6 upgrades.
  • Improve documentation for uc_cart_get_contents().
  • Add test for deleted products in the cart.
  • Followup to issue #1306124: Handle deleted products in uc_cart_get_contents().
  • #1306328: Cart update button missing.
  • #1305516: Add uc_store_email() function to standardize store email address.
  • #1306124: Simplify query in uc_cart_get_contents().
  • #1305634: Deduplicate uc_cart_get_item() and uc_cart_get_contents().
  • Fix checkout completion test to work around use of theme() in an API call to uc_cart_complete_sale().
  • #796974 by hanoii: Allow multiple attributes with the same label on a product.
  • #1292892 by solotandem: Eliminate dummy products array form element when no products in uc_order_edit_products_form().
  • #764768: Fix empty field and zero price handling in Views.
  • Removed #disabled from the 'Submit changes' button on the order edit form, since this prevents SimpleTest from running the orders tests. I left in the add_order_save_hold() JavaScript logic for now, but I think that can be safely removed as well.
  • Fix remaining exceptions in Ubercart SimpleTests by specifying language in drupal_mail() call.
  • Documentation comments. Change $arg1 to $order.
  • #1298454 by neclimdul, longwave: Remove static cache in uc_cart_is_shippable().
  • Backport PHP Notice fixes from D7. Change $arg1 to $order.
  • CSS coding standards.
  • #1059228 by neclimdul: Improve cache avoidance for cart pages.
  • #1181234: Stock module should not depend on reports.
  • #744298: Shipping quote JavaScript uses string value instead of float.
  • Remove trailing whitespace that crept into the code from recent commits.
  • #1292308 by solotandem: Add missing parameter to t() call.
  • Punctuate menu descriptions for consistency with all other Ubercart modules.
  • Backport documentation fixes from D7.
  • #1289438 by solotandem: Typo prevents credit terminal validation handler from working.
  • #1283984: Include order_status in order history query.
  • #1279574: Link product title to node on order panes.
  • #1287812: Payment method settings form repeats for method without settings.
  • #1284124: Eliminate PHP fatal error if payment method does not declare a settings callback.
  • #1284928: Incorrect link in PayPal warning message.
  • Fix PHP notice in CA.
  • Fix PHP notices in uc_cart introduced by commits since 6.x-2.6.
  • Fix PHP notices in uc_order introduced by commits since 6.x-2.6.
  • Fix PHP notices in uc_roles introduced by commits since 6.x-2.6.
  • Backport PHP Notice fixes from 7.x-3.x.
  • Removing ununsed and confusing contrib directory. This was already done for 7.x-3.x.
  • #1235594: "Enter" key in cart removes product rather than updating quantity.
  • #1104116: At checkout review, "back" button loses order data if cart/checkout paths are aliased.
  • Fix PHP notices when changing product option defaults at node/%/edit/adjustments.
  • Fix PHP notices when changing product option defaults at node/%/edit/options.
  • Issues #644538 and #1192018 by longwave, hanoii, et al: Ensure checkout completion events are only triggered once, fixing duplicate order notification e-mails and duplicate stock decrement.
  • #1271074: Fix PHP Notice when adding terms to Catalog vocabulary.
  • #1271048: Fix PHP Notice when uploading files for sale.
  • getInfo() should be a public static function in the test case classes.
  • Implementation of -> Implements and other minor documentation changes.
  • Rename some test classes for consistency and to agree with class names in 7.x-3.x.
  • #1247034: Restore ob_flush(), since removing it breaks some sites.
  • Fix PHP notice by moving $context definition inside loop.
  • #842146: Add tokens for numerical order subtotal ([order-subtotal-raw]) and order total ([order-total-raw]), without currency symbol or other formatting.
  • #704874 by hanoii: base64_encode() cc data before encrypting, because the encryption algorithm only supports a subset of ASCII but customer names etc. might contain non-ASCII characters.
  • #577794 by arski, longwave: Add theme_uc_checkout_pane_cart_review().
  • #591630 by neilnz: Rewrite uc_cart_get_contents() query so order of cart items is deterministic.
  • #1145756: 'edit all product kits' permission does not apply to own product kits.
  • #898400 by longwave: In some configurations, empty HTTP POST over Ajax always returns 404, so ensure some data is always sent when loading the payment pane at checkout.
  • Followup to issue #1238348: Undefined indexes in uc_product/uc_product.module uc_product_table().
  • #1238348 by grafikchaos: Undefined indexes in uc_product/uc_product.module uc_product_get_picture().
  • Followup to issue #815380: Fix PHP warning when adding index to uc_files.filename.
  • uc_catalog_update_9() never existed.
  • #815380 by neclimdul: Add index to uc_files.filename.
  • #1235272: Track transaction authorization code for
  • Add default parameters to uc_payment_enter() and add documentation.
  • #678180: Product kit components not sorted as per description.
  • Use ~W instead of x.
  • #940710: Product kit list output cannot be customized.
  • Backport of #1063054 to D6. CyberSource PHP notice.
  • Use extension_loaded() instead of class_exists() in hook_requirements(). Modify URL link for SimpleXML.
  • Fix PHP notice 'Undefined index: silent in uc_cart_add_item()'


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