Our Change Record should have some documentation to go along with it.


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I have added a child page on How to contribute to documentationpage at the Getting Involved Guide: Change records.

It's needs work, but it's started :-)

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I think the page you created is an adequate description -- it needs some grammar/spelling cleanup, but it has the necessary information. Thanks for creating it!

But the page needs to be somewhere else other than in the Documentation contrib guide. The docs team is not responsible for creating change records -- the developers are supposed to create them after their issue is committed, just as the docs team is not responsible for creating issue summaries. So I don't want to put this information into the Contribute to Docs guide, because it creates the impression that it's a "Docs Team Thing", and it isn't.

As far as where to place it, there are a few places I can think of that it might go. Probably we should pick one, and I'm not sure which:

a) Change records are mentioned on http://drupal.org/core-gates -- this page should be linked in the Resources column, and it could be placed as a child page of this node.

b) It also be located as a child page of http://drupal.org/node/717162 [Getting involved / Contribute to dev / Drupal core], at the same level as the Gates page.

c) http://drupal.org/update/modules/7/8 mentions change notices, and this explanation could be a child page here. If not, it should be linked on this page.

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Thanks for the review :-)

I understand your point on moving it out of documentation guide.

About a), yes I have just linked it.
About b), IMHO it is not a good idea, because change records are generic, I mean, not drupal core specific. Actually, I started all this because I wanted a link to give search api contrib module maintainer about it.
About c), I think that's the better place. I have just moved it there.

I hope I have taken the right decisions here.

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Status: Needs work » Fixed

Looks good to me -- I like that reasoning. I guess we can now mark this fixed, although the page could use some style/grammar editing (I have already marked it with that taxonomy).

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.