I am using node --version

However, a couple of things. I've enabled the watchdog module, but unless I add the channel "watchdog_dblog" to user uid 1 via /nodejs/user/channel/add manually I get "publishMessageToContentChannel: The channel "watchdog_dblog" doesn't exist."
Do you have to register the "watchdog_dblog" channel manually every time?

Further, with the chatroom module no messages or text appears when sent and I am getting log:

publishMessage: message { channel: 'chatroom_chat_11',
  broadcast: false,
  type: 'newMessage',
  callback: 'chatroomNodejsMessageHandler',
   { html: '<div class="new-message chatroom-msg">(15:21:22) <strong><a href="/users/admin" title="View user profile.">admin</a>:</strong> <p>test</p>\n</div>',
     text: 'test',
     name: 'vitya',
     name_stripped: 'admin',
     cmid: '28',
     type: 'message',
     uid: '1',
     modified: '1318692082',
     date_format: 'H:i:s',
     public_css_class: 'chatroom-msg',
     private_css_class: 'chatroom-private',
     themed_username: '<a href="/users/admin" title="View user profile.">admin</a>',
     themed_message: '<p>test</p>\n',
     recipient_uid: '0',
     viewed_uid: '1' },
  clientSocketId: '' }
Sent message to 0 clients in channel "chatroom_chat_11"
getNodejsSessionIdsFromUid { uid: '1', sessionIds: [] }
No active sessions for uid: 1

Not sure what's going on frankly. However, node server.js starts up just fine.
Am I missing something?


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you can safely ignore the watchdog_dblog channel message.

chatroom is not ready yet. please post specific issues in the chatroom queue.

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