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Changes commited to GIT.


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Status: Active » Fixed
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Status: Fixed » Active
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What was fixed here?!

I have two problems with the latest addition... (i.e. the editing of the toolbar using JavaScript)

1. It doesn't work at all (see attached image)

2. It tries to load jquery.ui scripts (you MUST use jquery_ui or you'll break many sites like mine!)

So at this time I cannot edit the bar... and saving (which I did not try) will probably break the existing bar.

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There is a start, with these fixes I can see the buttons and click on them as expected.

However, I still cannot define a bar (i.e. the objects show as if they were being moved but

  //drupal_add_js($module_drupal_path . '/includes/jqueryUI/jquery-1.4.4.min.js', 'file');
  //drupal_add_js($module_drupal_path . '/includes/jqueryUI/jquery-ui.js', 'file');
  //drupal_add_js($module_drupal_path . '/includes/jqueryUI/jquery.ui.widget.js', 'file');
  //drupal_add_js($module_drupal_path . '/includes/jqueryUI/jquery.ui.sortable.js', 'file');
  jquery_ui_add(array('jquery.ui.widget.js', 'jquery.ui.sortable.js'));
  drupal_add_js($module_drupal_path . '/includes/jqueryUI/sort.js', 'file');

I have no clue what the jquery-1.4.4.min.js is for and as far as I know the jquery-ui.js is automatically loaded by the jquery scripts.

I would move the sort.js one directory up because it's not part of the jQuery environment (yes, it uses it, but no, it's not a jQuery script, it's for the CKEditor.)

Thank you.

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Title: [D6] Error when editing CKeditor profile » [D6] Error when editing CKeditor profile -- editing of toolbar is not working

For others who also have a problem with editing using the new JavaScript toolbar, you will notice that the textarea we had for a little while with the JavaScript arrays is gone. This is actually just hidden with the CSS code.

You can show the textarea called edit-toolbar back by commenting out the edit-toolbar display: none instructions as follow.

File: ckeditor/ckeditor.css

/*toolbar wizzard*/
#edit-toolbar {
    display: none;
#edit-toolbar + .grippie {
    display: none;
div.sortableList {
    cursor: n-resize;
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Title: [D6] Error when editing CKeditor profile -- editing of toolbar is not working » [D6] Error when editing CKeditor profile
Status: Active » Fixed

@AlexisWilke, if u found new bug pls open new issue - if u read related issue in first post u will know what was fixed.
I moved your bug to this issue: #1311926: [D6] Add jquery_ui support to the Drag & Drop toolbar configuration.

First of all, we must load newer jquery because a lot of people use Jquery which is build into Drupal - it's too old to work well with this what we need here.
Also we cannot only use jquery_ui_add() function, because not all users have jquery_ui project.

So in summary i add support for jquery_ui module and if CKEditor module detect it everything is loaded as u write. Pls update to last DEV and check that all works as u expect.

Really thx for help with that.


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Title: [D6] Error when editing CKeditor profile » [D6] Notice: Undefined index: default in ckeditor_admin_profile_form() - when editing CKEditor profile
Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)