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Last updated: October 14, 2011 - 08:16

Release notes

First stable release for Drupal 7.

Complete log of changes since 7.x-3.0-alpha1:

  • #881644 by amateescu: Added support for the Redirect module to redirect from old filenames.
  • #909670 by jishan, smk-ka: Fixed Vietnamese input.
  • #1243974 by cyborg_572: Supporting files uploaded as an array.
  • #1256416 by mariogalan: Better Spanish transliteration.
  • #1215872 by yannisc and rootatwc: Better Greek transliteration.
  • #1033832 by joachim: hook_uninstall doesn't clean up variables.
  • #1005960 by pillarsdotnet, smk-ka: file_directory_path() removed in D7.
  • #992268 by smk-ka: Renamed transliteration_process() to avoid conflict with
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