I recently installed BG v.7.x-1.0, and have run into some problems.

In particular, after having set the main gallery folder to images/albums, and the cache folder to brilliant_gallery_temp, I created a couple of libraries under <files>/images/albums/folder1, <files>/images/albums/folder2, etc.
Then, in a node, using Full HTML text format, I inserted the tag [bg|folder1]. I have enabled the substitution of [bg] tags in the relevant section at the Configuration screen.

The result: one thick black bar.

Browsing the code behind the file, I found out that it was being substituted correctly with <img> tags, pointing to files like <files>/brilliant_gallery_temp/bg_cached_resized_a8d8cbbb18c5091371c477f7d9952a8b.jpg etc.

However, when browsing to the brilliant_gallery_temp folder, I found out it was completely empty! No cache files had been generated. This was verified by the access logs, where I saw a bunch of Page Not Found errors.

What gives? Why are cache files not generated at first access? I cleared the cache lots of times, but to no avail.


PS. <files> = <drupal_root>/sites/<my_site_name>/files


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More info.

On my local server at home, it works normally. The problem arises at my shared hosting site at HostGator.

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I am having the same issue. Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advace.

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Figured out my issue.

Problem was I had to change the Text Format to user FULL HTML. Which makes sense but i never noticed it.

It was configured to use Filtered HTML. Which was never configured to use Brilliany Gallery.

Hope this helps others.