the global title settings were not available to add to a feature, however I was able to add the data to the feature manually.

This needs to be fixed but here is my workaround:

  1. Generate the feature
  2. untar feautre
  3. Open file in yourr fav text editor
  4. add the bellow line to the file:
    features[metatag_config][] = "global"
  5. update the feature via drush fu FEATURE_NAME
  6. It's there


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It should be pointed out that there is no way to deploy these changes from the feature even though they are in it.

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Did you actually modify the global meta tag configuration? By default you shouldn't be able to export it as it's already exported within the metatag module.

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I did modify it, that's why I wanted to export it

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What I'm saying is that the global configuration is already exported if you are using the module. You don't need to re-export it if you haven't changed it.

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Hi Dave,

I ran into a similar issue. I made a single change to the Front Page configuration so that the Front Page Title would match the Global Title. Features did not pick this change up and export it.

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Hi dave,
What I am saying is I have changed it. so I do need the ability to export it.

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Priority: Minor » Normal


I agree there should be the way to export changed pre-configured configurations. It is great to have some default configuration, but is nonsese to assume that nobody will change it.

Switching priority to normal, as this bug causes a lot of problems with code-driven workflows.

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I ran into the same thing. I did notice though that you can at least capture whether the default configurations are enabled or not in a feature using the default_metatag_config variable. This through me at first because I was looking for a variable starting with "metatag"

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Also, based on, looks like for now you could use hook_metatag_config_default_alter() to edit the default configurations in a Features module.

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Here is how I exported changes to the node default:

 * Implements hook_metatag_config_default_alter().
function MODULE_metatag_config_default_alter(array &$configs) {
  if (isset($configs['node'])) {
    $configs['node']->config['description']['value'] = '[node:field_meta_desc]';
    $configs['node']->config['canonical']['value'] = '[node:canonical-url]';
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What I'm saying is that the global configuration is already exported if you are using the module

Why don't we just have the module insert the global configuration into the database, rather than have it exported? That way, features can then export it.

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Version: 7.x-1.0-alpha3 » 7.x-1.x-dev

Being able to export customised Global configuration seems like an obvious requirement - what am I missing?

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Title: Was not able to add "global" settings to a feature via the feature list. but was manually. » Re-work the default configurations so they may be exported
Category: bug » feature

I agree 100% with the sentiments of this discussion, there needs to be a way of exporting the current configuration. Right now there is not a clean way of exporting existing ctools defaults using Features, you have to get into drupal_alter() hooks and other messy things that are out of reach for many users.

I've changed this to a feature request.

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Priority: Normal » Major

This is kinda important.

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Would this work everyone:

  • Remove the existing default settings.
  • Change the hook_install() implementations to insert default values into the metatag table.
  • Provide an update script to create the default value records if none have already been assigned (overridden).
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Component: User interface » Code
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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)
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I'm having various issues with this implementation on the latest dev snapshots and have posted a follow up issue: #1880302: metatag features integration weirdness.

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Issue summary: View changes

made unorderd list, ordered

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Issue summary: View changes
Status: Closed (works as designed) » Closed (duplicate)