I just want to share what I've accomplished with the eRecruiter distribution. Windward Jobs at http://windwardjobs.com

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Wow, congratulations!

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Well done! Could you tell me how you disabled the overlay for jobs view? Is it possible by job type?

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Have a look at the fields section of the job listing view. The title link field in the view opens in the colorbox by using a css selector. I think it's an all or nothing thing per view unless you want to get dirty using views_view_preprocessor.

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Adam - This is exactly what I'm looking for. Is the entire registration process part of the eRecruiter program? How long did it take you to implement it?

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The registration process is the same. However, I created a profile for businesses. I set the business profile to show on the user creation form. Which means it by default shows on applicants and business creation pages so I used hook_form_alter to null it on the applicant page.

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Wonderful job Adam S. I see that you hacked profile percent complete to work with profile2; can you please upload your version to this thread?

:-( Sorry I registered on the site, I was so impressed that I wanted to see more of your customization - but username is is tarzan0820 if you want to erase it

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11.54 KB

Thanks to everybody who tests it for me :) Here is the Resume Complete Percent module which is very hackish and bad form.

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Hi Adam, this looks great, really. I have a question to you. Is it mandatory to have Apache Solr? I keep getting this error message and I cannot search resumes or jobs on my website.

"0" Status: Request failed: Connection refused

How can I get this fixed? How much does it cost to have Apache Solr? Sorry, I a a newbie.


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You can either set up a local Apache Solr server or you can just enable the database module to create a database server instead.

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Dear Adam,

Thank you so much for you reply. May I ask you please to refer to the module page? Is it database search? Is there any tutorial available on how to setup an index using the database module? Thanks again Adam!


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Great-looking site! May I ask what theme you are using on the demo?

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@momardieng I purchased a Wordpress theme and implemented it in Drupal.

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One of the master pieces, great work Adam, wish I could do one such site, I didn't want to register and make it dirty without any purpose

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Very nice Adam. I'm wondering how you managed to expose the "hide/show personal info" field-collection radiobutton. I'm currently working on a site where I want user to be able to set the privacy on Personal Info and a new field-collection with current work.

I tried the profile2 privacy module, but the issues cue suggested that it might not integrate well with field-collection.

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I created a custom module for misc. code and hooks. Using a preprocess theme function I checked to see how the hide field is set then proceeded change the values of the other fields accordingly.

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any chance of getting a copy of that module?

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It would look something like this. I test if the entity is a field collection, then test if the bundle is the personal information. I use the Views Argument from Context module which sets context that I can pull which is the owner of the resume in this case. Then I just manipulate the variables before they get set to the theme to be printed.

function helper_preprocess_entity(&$vars) {
  global $user;
  if ($vars['entity_type'] == 'field_collection_item'){
    if ($vars['elements']['#bundle'] == 'field_resume_personal_info'){
      $owner = context_get('profile', 'uid');
      if ($user->uid != $owner && !in_array("administrator", $user->roles) && !in_array('job admin', $user->roles))  {
        if ($vars['elements']['field_resume_person_hide'][0]['#markup'] == 'hide'){ 
          $vars['content']['field_resume_first_name'][0]['#markup'] = 'hidden';
          $vars['content']['field_resume_last_name'][0]['#markup'] = 'hidden';
          $vars['content']['field_resume_phone'][0]['#markup'] = 'hidden';
          $vars['content']['field_resume_skype'][0]['#markup'] = 'hidden';
          $vars['content']['field_email'][0]['#markup'] = 'hidden';
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@Adam S: I would like to add http://windwardjobs.com/ to the project page as web site using eRecruiter, are you okay with that?

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I would like to add http://windwardjobs.com/ to the project page as web site using eRecruiter, are you okay with that?

Go right ahead. That is fantastic.

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Thanks very much much. Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with the Context module, so I'm stranded when it comes to that. The rest I (hope :) ) I understand though.
So the way I understand the way I've implemented it, it's stranded because I don't get the uid of the profile.

I have two filed collections I need to hide/show: personal info and current work.

Any more help would be greatly appreciated.

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The way to do this is to use either the Fast Toggle module or the Rules Link module. The Rules link module is brilliant. Here is a tutorial to the Rules Link module.

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Great site, we are doing something similar.

Im wondering how you get the number of jobs next to each category link for example: Shipyard (16)

Kind regards,

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The facets search blocks can be configures to show the numbers. Otherwise when you want to show aggregation use that feature in Views. Here is tutorial.

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Server not found

Firefox can't find the server at www.windwardjobs.com.

Anyone else getting no access to this site?

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Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.windwardjobs.com

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Hi Adam,

Are you willing to share your business profile?

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Somebody contacted me through this thread asking me to do a paid customization of my implementation of the the job board. This person is trying to maliciously extort me into giving him all my work for free.

I will not be contributing my website nor help anybody else at this point.

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@Adam S: Sorry to hear that. You work looked good, so it is sad that we do not have that site as further demo anymore. I will remove it from the project page.

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I only say these things because people need to be vigilant for scammers and assholes since one is on the lose hanging out around here.

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maybe you should report such a person using the http://drupal.org/project/issues/webmasters queue

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Hey Adam,
Very sorry to hear that. Completely understand your situation. Thanks for what you've already shared.

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Hopefully this poor man will take the time to reread the GNU General Public License he is bound to if he uses Drupal so to save him the trouble of enabling his business to be destroyed because he is about to be in violation of it. I'd rather be developing open source than playing stupid childish games but that's life. If somebody wants to host the website I built, I'm willing to post it on Git Hub. I'll just make a back up of the database. Install Drupal as normal, enable the backup migrate module, change the file path, restore database. Easy enough.

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Hi Adam,
i would really appreciate if its somehow possible to get a chance to see your site or something similiar to that. I guess unfortunately i discovered this thread too late :( thanks

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Me too...
I'll really appriciate this. :)
2nd thing, I have a query- "how to change image upload location from private to public..?

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Go to Configuration->Media->File system, in the field "Private file system path" enter this path - sites/default/files/private and save after saving you will see the radio option "Private local files served by Drupal" in the bottom of the page, choose the option you want

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Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

I'm marking this closed.

My job board started with eRecruiter and ended with me having to hire two law firms in two states and a private investigator. Building websites is just a hobby for me too. There are some real low life bottom eating scum out there. Beware

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Can anyone please tell me how to change the suffix 'Gross annual income' to 'Gross monthly income' on the resume page?

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Status: Closed (cannot reproduce) » Needs review

I am new do this idustry so please excuse my terminology.
I have received quotes to develop a new "recruitment" website with most wanting me to steer away from Drupal and use a customised CMS as they claim most major sites like Tripadvisor, facebook linkedIn are customised. I know this is probably a hoary old chessnut for you guys but its certainly put a dampner on my plan to use Drupal. I have had advise which suggested to talk to Drupal and get their opinion on what will satisfy the requirements (Plugins) and then I discovered the eRecruiter module by Drupal may do the job?
In summary the proposed new website will have 2 types of clients, One will complete a highly detailed and comprehensive profile, the other will use search key words to view profile details. The website will need a wide range of features but managing the content is critical. Content overview in the profile is as follows:

There are approximately 20 categories with a minimum of 50 "attribute" fields of information need to be populated by the user.
Each attribute field will have anywhere between 1 and 1000 selection options (from drop down menu).
Each option can be rated.
Each field must be searchable to option level.
Each option can have optional supporting information attached., video, presentations, documents.

My question is can Drupal/eRecruiter manage this type of content.
Are their websites which I can view which are similar.

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Stephen, If you contact any developer you would be advised to to go for customized solution rather than CMS, obviously there is more money in it, and you will be depending on them for the rest of life and so more money to them ,if any time your relations are strained then you run the risk.
I have checked all the CMS systems, Drupal is best.to learn it is very easy, you don't need to be a programmer.

What ever the requirements you mentioned every thing is possible in Drupal, there is more than your requirement,
Key point is just dive and try, it doesn't hurt , A CMS is a plug 'n' play , just download recruiter distro and install and use that's it. The distros are developed for general use means simple processes , additional 'facilities' can be incorporated by using additional modules(plugins as they are called in Word press). developing means , they pick up right modules and put in base drupal and create a install profile popularly known as distributions or distros , (you can also do this) that's it .I advise you to buy a good theme. Incidentally a theme is also a plugin, if you don't like it , you can buy another one and just put the folder and enable.
the modular system allows you to choose what you want, the trick is choosing a right module.
list out your process flows using regular English words and pick up the key words and search for modules download module try it.
The distros are developed for general use means simple processes , additional 'facilities' can be incorporated by using additional modules(plugins as they are called in Word press)
the best thing about drupal is it has a very Stttrooooong community support.advantage of it is each module you use is updated regularly and it is freeeeeeeeeee.your issues are attended to .just try and you will fall in love with Drupal within a week, I guarantee that :)

FYI , the efficiency or performance of the CMS or any web site or any software application is not dependent on number of fields or number of pages or number of transactions, it is depending on your hardware resource and the internet service band width you are using.

Happy drupaling

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

at sjleatham in #38: Drupal is a very flexible platform and of course as creators and maintainers of Recruiter can say that it is a solid foundation for creating successful job boards. relying on an open platform like Drupal reduces vendor lock-in and gives you access to a multitude of free, open source modules that you can use in order to customize and extend Recruiter to fit your needs.

Drupal / Recruiter can definitely help you reach your goals but there might always be a difference in terms of features provided out-of-the-box and customizations for your specific use case. the good thing is that you can rely on software providers and individuals that master Drupal from all over the world.

hope this helps, i'm closing this discussion as we are going a bit off-topic :) please open a separate issue if you want to get deeper into this

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.