Splitting this off from #34496: [meta] Add Flag module to allow users to subscribe/unsubscribe without posting a comment to keep the noise down in there. ;)

We need quality assurance (QA) on the new issue follow functionality as now deployed on http://staging.drupal.org so that we can move forward towards live deployment.

Testing the staging site

  1. Go to http://staging.drupal.org. Use drupal/drupal to get past the htaccess dialog, then log into the site with your actual d.o credentials.
  2. Go to your user account page, and opt-in to getting emails from the site by deleting the bogus ...@localhost email addresses at your profile page, i.e. user/N/edit/email-addresses (the "E-mail addresses" subtab of the "Edit" tab on your profile).
  3. Add your real email address. You'll get a confirmation email, so check your inbox. Click the link in the email to confirm your address. Then set it as your primary address.
  4. Visit http://staging.drupal.org/user and click on the "Notifications" tab (e.g. http://staging.drupal.org/user/[your-uid]/project-issue). Play with the new UI to configure issue notification e-mail preferences for projects you want to test. Note that you can also play with the new settings under "Configure e-mail contents".
  5. Go to the issue queue(s) for those projects, find some issues you want to test that you haven't already participated in, and click the big green "Follow" button. You should now see the issue at "Your posts" (http://staging.drupal.org/user/[your-uid]/track) and "Your issues" (http://staging.drupal.org/project/issue/user). Get a friend to at least do step #1 above then comment on the same issues. You should now get emails about the issue).
  6. Try to "Unfollow" some issues you've already participated on. Verify the issues disappear from "Your posts" and "Your issues". Ideally, get a friend to comment on the issues after you've unfollowed and make sure you don't get any more e-mails about it.
  7. Get a friend setup with "Maintain issues" permission for a project you (co)-maintain and have them create an issue and assign it to you. You should automatically be following the issue once it's assigned to you and get e-mail if you're configured to get notifications for that project.
  8. Create new issues or comment on issues you haven't yet participated in and verify that you're automatically following the issue once you participate.
  9. Get creative and try to break things I didn't think about. ;) If everyone just tests the stuff I know about, it's not going to tell us about anything I don't know about. ;)

Feedback from your testing

If you find something broken, you can either:

If you tested and everything looks good, please leave a comment here summarizing what you tested.



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I tested pretty much all the things besides email notifications, and they worked great. Very big +1/RTBC here.

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Boy did I test!! I couldn't stop hitting the follow/unfollow button! So, I guess I can confirm it is tolerant to ferocious, successive clicking. ;)

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Issue summary: View changes

moving testing instructions into here and clarifying we want feedback both about problems and positive tests that uncovered no bugs

nikkubhai’s picture

worked perfectly fine.

rootwork’s picture

I tried everything I could think of -- will keep trying out other things. So far no problems.

In other words, +1 on the effort! But not +1 on the issue! Woohoo!

hansfn’s picture

I tested all the follow/unfollow variants and it worked very nicely - yes!
Didn't have a friend available so I didn't test e-mail notifications - sorry.

dww’s picture

@hansfn: only certain aspects of the e-mail stuff require a friend to test. You can still see if you get emails for the comments and issues you create. In step #5 I just wanted to demonstrate that you should be notified of new activity on an issue once you follow it, even if you don't participate in it at all. Also, IRC is a great place to find "friends" to help with this sort of testing. ;)

@all: Thanks for the testing! Glad to see there's only been positive results so far... ;)


witchcraft’s picture

tested by me so far its good i will test again in the next few days .
i like the UI to configure issue notification .

+1 and good job !

klonos’s picture

I know that this perhaps belongs to a separate follow-up issue, but did anyone previously suggest that there needs to be some kind of followers count?

Quite often, project maintainers say that they'll consider implementing a new feature if there's enough interest. This is usually measured by "+1" and "subscribe" comments (or similar "I'd like/love to have this" comments anyways), but now these kind of comments will slowly diminish. That's one of the reasons why I believe it would help for each issue to have an indication of the number of its current followers.

boran’s picture

Initially I was confused the follow/unfollowed button seemed to work, but the issue list was not updated.
The problem was that I had not confirmed my email address.
After confirming this, project/issues/user was updated correctly:
- unfollowed existing issues
- followed/unfollowed new issues
- wrote a comments on an unfollowed issue, no email

- comment on a followed issue #1269594, 1159084, did not receive email
Settings: Under user/xx/project-issue, Default=Issues you follow

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@witchcraft: Glad to hear you had a positive experience with the notifications UI. There's still some debate about that over at #397458: Revamp mailing logic to leverage flag module -- if you want please read the last few comments and chime in with your thoughts.

@klonos: yes, that's been on my mind for a while, and I even chatted with webchick about it on IRC a few nights ago. I hadn't actually submitted an issue about it, but I just did: #1304550: Display count of issue followers when viewing an issue. See also #1304558: Provide a page showing all the users following a given issue.

@boran: Are you sure the email is working for you at all? Have you gotten *any* issue notifications from this site? Are you sure the emails aren't getting filtered into a spam folder or something?

Also, interesting that the issue list wasn't updated properly until you confirmed your e-mail. Can anyone else reproduce that behavior?

Thanks folks -- please keep the testing coming!


wizonesolutions’s picture

Essentially, everything worked great, and the new functionality is easy to use. I also like the new views and screens, like the global view of subscriptions. Usability +1.

Macronomicus’s picture

Works perfectly! Cheers!


klonos’s picture

I say we should roll this (so we stop "subscribe" comments *NOW*) and then work on separate issues if problems arise.

boran’s picture

@dww: It works for me now. Although I had added an email address, it needed to be marked "primary".
This feature is highly appreciated!

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Status: Active » Fixed

Staging QA is done and this is now live. ;)

Further QA should happen over at #1306554: QA for issue following on Drupal.org

Thanks to everyone who tested!


witchcraft’s picture

@dww hooray
thank you so much and many thanks to everyone

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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added a suggestion to "get creative" for final testing