I see php syntax incorrect in api file

function hook_apps_app_info() {
  return array(
    //Demo Content
    'demo content description' => 'This tells what add demo content will do it is placed on the configure form',
    //The perfered way for an app to provide demo content is to have a module 
    //that when enabled will add demo content, and when disabled will removed 
    //demo content
    //this module should be a submodule or part of the manifest dependent modules
    'demo content module' => 'appname_demo_content',

    //If the demo content is provide in a differnt way one should provide the
    //following callbacks
    'demo content enabled' => 'appname_demo_content_enabled' //should return True if demo content is on
    'demo content enable' => 'appname_demo_content_enable' //should turn on demo content and return true
    'demo content disable' => 'appname_demo_content_disable' //should turn off demo content and return true

    'configure form' => 'appname_app_configure_form' // This form will be render on the app config page
    'post install callback' => 'appname_app_post_install' // This will be called after the app is enabled intialy or of the app has been uninstalled
api-systax-php.patch1.4 KBmrsinguyen
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Thanks for the patch
commit 5a66da996ed4dff8e95560027389c53f8cd1d3a1
Date: Mon Oct 10 09:59:35 2011 -0500

Issue #1300256 by mrsinguyen : Php syntax incorrect in api file

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