Can this be used for node/add/edit forms successfully? Use case for me would be to add a referenced node to parent node in modal popup and redirect to parent node upon save. I can do this now with php code but would like to open the form in modal if possible with this module. Is this doable now or something that may be available in future release?


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Status: Active » Postponed

Node and comment form is on the todo list but I'm a bit pressed for time the next few month.

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Thanks this would be great. The one major sticking point for a project is that overlay can get clunky outside of (and inside of) the admin pages.

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Component: Documentation » Code

First we need to decide on url-path for node pages modal_forms/nojs/node_add/{node_type} but what should be displayed at modal_forms/nojs/node_add?

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Would really like to see this. I have a case where anon users can create a node. We need this node/add/mycontenttype to show up in a modal. I really want to use Ctools so as not to have redundant code on the site.


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like #7

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you can do this with the overlay module.

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You can do this with ctools

Once you get the form in the ctools modal, you can style it any way you want.

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Any news about this? I don't wanna use Overlay!

I think the solution is here: but I have no idea how to make it work.

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Guys (frjo or cluke009)? New release and you didn't see what I pointed to... :(

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@warmth, it' not that easy to implement if you want things like image fields etc. to work in the modal and it's pretty pointless if they don't. I spent a couple of hours on it with no success so far.

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Oh I see, sorry to hear that... keep doing good pal! I know you can do it! If you need any help with private testing just let me know!

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@frjo, not easy but really useful. :)
The link in #11 wasn't help for you? Or just with simple nodetype (I need a form for my page just with a simple title, the other fields are hidden from simple users).
Thanks your work! :) If maybe you need any help write me ;)