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Omega Tools helps you create a subtheme using the admin interface. This is the easiest way to make a subtheme.

How to use the Omega Tools Subtheme Wizard

  1. Install and enable the Omega Tools module (admin/modules/omega_tools), as previously mentioned.
  2. Navigate to If you do not see a form to create a new subtheme, clear all caches and check to make sure Omega Tools module is enabled.
  3. Add your preferred subtheme name.
  4. Check the “Install automatically” option if you want to create your subtheme in /sites/all/themes/ automatically. Apache needs write permissions to perform this operation. If the option is not checked, Omega Tools will generate a mysubthemename.tar file that can be downloaded after completing the steps. To install, simply unzip and place your subtheme folder into sites/all/themes.
  5. Choose your subtheme save destination, the default folder is sites/all/themes.
  6. Choose your base theme: You have two choices, Alpha and Omega. Alpha has the basic CSS reset, grid, core layout, interface and debugging and basic templating functions. Omega adds panels integration and a selection of default styling css. In 99% of cases you want to base your subtheme on Omega.
  7. Choose your Starterkit: Omega gives you two starterkit options; Omega-html5 and Omega-xhtml. HTML5 is a better choice in terms of long-term compatibility with the modern web’s changing browser standards. Choose Omega-xhtml starterkit if you have specific xhtml requirements.
  8. Click save and continue, and fill the description and version of your theme. Click the finish button, as the other options are still in development.

Go for it!

You are now ready to begin using your subtheme! Go to admin/appearance and you will find your newly created subtheme ready to be used. Enable your subtheme only. Remember! DO NOT enable the Alpha and Omega core themes.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


iDropper’s picture

In case it helps any other newbies like myself - be sure to replace "" in Step 2 with the URL of your site. You can go to the Appearance Page of your Administration Menu and just add "/omega-tools/add" to what is already in the address bar of your browser.

Dynomite00001’s picture

Thanks for sharing that. replacing the URL did not help in my case, but this did:
"go to the Appearance Page of your Administration Menu and just add "/omega-tools/add" to what is already in the address bar of your browser."

amh5514’s picture

If you are working with 7.22 or higher, there should be a "+Create new Omega subtheme" link on the appearance page. This is a shortcut for Step 2.