This seems contradicting to me!

The project page of emfield states:

FileField does not need a Drupal 7 version because it has been moved to Drupal Core! To upgrade FileField to Drupal 7, install the Drupal 7 CCK Package and use the Content Migrate to upgrade FileField to Drupal 7.

On the other side, the CCK "Migrate fields" assistant reports:

Field: field_video
Field type: filefield
Content type(s): Text Plus, Text Plus Inline, Video
Other info: Missing field module: 'filefield'. This field cannot be migrated.

Manual solutions:

  • Are the file / image modules enabled? Since these are new modules, they may not be enabled in your site after the upgrade. Be sure to enable them.
  • Ensure the widget_type and widget_module in the database are set properly. An example query to fix the 'llamas_pajamas' field is: update {content_node_field_instance} set widget_type = 'imagefield_widget', widget_module = 'imagefield' where field_name = 'llamas_pajamas';


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I had that error, too.

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I had the same problem. Cause I have Image FUPload widget at my filefield.
For Image FUpload issue search the table content_node_field_instance and change widget_type string to imagefield_widget and widget_module string to imagefield.

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

@smirnoff - That did it - thanks! (I'm guessing most other people having this problem had their image upload field using a different upload method, like ImageField Zip, or Image FUpload, as well...).

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I have the same problem wiyh fupload fields. Unfortunately I don't have phpmyadmin because I use Aegir, if anyone had this same problem and used a MySQL command to fix this, please share it.

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I know very little MySQL, I found this post:

I tried:

update content_node_field_instance set widget_type = replace(widget_type, ‘image_fupload_imagefield_widget’, ‘imagefield_widget’);

But I get this error: Unknow column 'image_fupload_imagefield_widget' in 'field_list'.

Any ideas on how to fix the command?

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I have this even though widget_type and module_type are as they should. I had imagefield_crop on this site but i changed the widget before upgrade.

I also get "Notice: Undefined index: default_image in content_migrate_filefield_field_alter() (line 25 of"

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Status: Closed (works as designed) » Active

I think this is still a bug.

There are lots of modules that use file fields or image fields and just add a new widget (I'm experiencing this problem with audiofield module, see #1423656: Audio fields will not upgrade from D6 -> D7 (audiofields do not work with the CCK content migrate module)).

These fields should be able to be upgraded without us having to manually change the database to fool the system into thinking the fields were provided by file module in this way.

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ll said #8. Facing this issue here and am lost. Any tips for correcting? running mysql and php myadmin.

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+1 on #8 we shouldn't be running MySQL commands to successfully upgrade our Drupal sites.

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Sure it's a bug. There should be no need to manually run SQL commands on upgrade.

In the meantime, the SQL command that allows one to upgrade:

update {content_node_field_instance}
   set widget_type = 'imagefield_widget', widget_module = 'imagefield'
          where widget_module = 'uploadfield';

You can run this snippet using Devel module. You don't need PHPMyAdmin os SQL access for this (though you must remove the "{}" if you run the SQL directly on the database).

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Component: CCK in core » upgrade path
Priority: Normal » Critical

+1 on #8 we shouldn't be running MySQL commands to successfully upgrade our Drupal sites.
As I was using 'Image FUPload ', solution on #3 worked nicely for me.

Setting priority to critical since this don't let you upgrade between versions.

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#3 worked for me too, million thanks!

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Issue summary: View changes

Simple solution! The db update didn't help, in fact, the values were already correct. I realised eventually that I need to enable the core file and image modules... then it worked flawlessly.

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#14 for me. Totally derped it. Thanks @odegard.

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#14 worked for me too!

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I also had a problem migrating audiofield fields, including the podcast content type. I finally got the field migrated thanks to this note, but the content type for the podcast content was blank and I couldn't edit the nodes. I worked around it by recreating the podcast content type with the Podcast field, reusing the existing field, and the podcast content type then appeared and I was able to edit the contents.

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Priority: Critical » Normal
Status: Active » Fixed

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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#11 worked for me. I ran it on the command line with drush, in a single line with this syntax:

drush sqlq "update content_node_field_instance set widget_type = 'imagefield_widget', widget_module = 'imagefield' where widget_module = 'uploadfield'"

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Issue summary: View changes

Added the manual solutions into the summary. Thanks to everyone for the ideas on how to fix this.

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# 14 did the trick. Enabled File and Image in core. Ran update and migrate done.
Now with the rest of the 6 to 7 to be done!