When I want access permissions rebuild, I have the following error message:

The content access permissions need to be rebuilt.

Thank you in advance


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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

That message shows up when a new node access module is installed and should go away after you rebuilt the content access permissions.

Nothing wrong with that from what I can see...

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A typical situation in which this message appears:

  1. Drupal has no book content.
  2. Install and enable the Book Access module.

In layman's terms, Drupal finds no book permissions with which to initialise the new database table that Book Access uses, so it throws that warning message.

In this case, get rid of the error by

  1. disabling Book Access
  2. creating a book page, and publishing it
    • no need for content, but do include at least a title
    • remember to select "new book" from the dropdown box in the "Book Outline" section of the "edit" tab
  3. enabling Book Access again