Hear Ye!

When i create some content with Devel and the content has images with a default image, a maximimu and a minimum size defined, it does not respect all of these parameters

- Default image is never used,
- Maximum and minimum image width are applied to the height. So when i specify an image of exactly 900x300 (minimum sizes == maximum sizes) it generates an image of 900x900

Drupal is 7.8, Devel is 7.x-1.2

Thanks for your attention!


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I fixed the image height issue in D8 and D7 -dev (give it up to 12h to be repackaged).

Whether the default image should be used occasionally is debatable...

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Issue tags: +LONDON_2013_APRIL

I've tested this and both the max/min image width and height are being respected correctly. The default image is still not being used, but I believe its use is a matter of personal taste rather than a bug.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Thank you, LGLC!