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Just wanted to know if there was a specific reason why this modules supports the text and image fields, but not the core number field. I wanted to add Microdata for the prepTime and cookTime properties as specified at and was using a number_integer field. I wrote a simple hook_field_info_alter to add support for this field type and it seems to be working just fine:

 * Implements hook_field_info_alter().
function d7dev_field_info_alter(&$info) {
  $info['number_integer']['microdata'] = TRUE;

I woud be happy to submit a patch if this is a desired feature.


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That would be great. IIRC, the only reason I hadn't added it yet is because I haven't written the test to check it yet. If you could add a test for number fields to the SimpleTest for core fields, then this would be ready to go. I'm not sure if you've written tests before, but I can help if you need it.

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