I am building a site on Drupal 7 and recently when I went into add content, not all of my content types were listed. I can manually get to the page to add the missing content types by entering the URL /node/add/missing-content-type-name. I'm thinking there must be some corruption in the database that is not aggregating all the content types on the add content page. How do I fix this?

I've tried clearing the cache multiple times. I've also update all modules and Drupal core to the latest releases.


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administer -> menus
check to see if under the add content parent menu item that the content type children are listed there. If they aren't add them or enable them if disabled. If not listed there they will not show on node/add

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Ahh, found it! Thanks.

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I don't understand how it works.
When I create a new content type (let's say book) , a link add/book is added under navigation menu but
in the admin menu when I click on content/add content, I don't see a link to add a book

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try clearing the database cache in administer -> performance

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thanks but that's not the source of the problem. It mus be a move of a part of the management menu of something like this. Why is the link to new content types is wel added to navigation menu and not on the content menu link of management menu ?