When adding header/footer to the view although it goes into the translation system it is actually not translatable. The problem goes with the "context" key that is wrong and therefore when showing the view on the front it cannot find it.
So when you are saving the view the keys goes something like this for the header :
See the double "area".
When showing the view though the keys form this key :
and this is the correct key.
So the problem is that when saving the view the keys for the header/footer are wrong and that is the main reason they are untranslatable.
The fix as far as i have managed to investigate :
file : views\plugins\views_plugin_display.inc
class : views_plugin_display
function : unpack_handler
line : 2788

previous code :

$handler->unpack_translatables($translatable, array_merge($parents, array($handler_type, $info['table'], $info['field'])));     

working code :

$handler->unpack_translatables($translatable, array_merge($parents, array($type, $info['table'], $info['field'])));        

This way you are not misleading the parents array and instead of adding "area" we are adding "footer"/"header" to the parents array.

Hope this helps people that want to translate the headers and the footers :)


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Oh great thanks! This really makes sense.

Commited to both 7.x-3.x and 6.x-3.x

Next time it would be cool, if you could create a real patch, which is much easier to apply/understand.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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