I've got a quick question. I'd like to add a background image to a site like someone has here: http://www.asvalia.pl/english/index.html . I've tried to do this using Omega 5 by coding it into the CSS, and anticipating three different sized images/photos for Omega's use of the 960 grid system. Looking at the example above I tried changing the weight of the menu and header to put the menu below the header... And then CSS coded the image into the header. However, my 980x600 image ended up about 60 pixels tall. I'm confused. If you were going to us the 960gs system with Omega 5, how would you add a background image like the one here: http://www.asvalia.pl/english/index.html ???

Any assistance would be appreciated.



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Maybe I misunderstand but this worked for me

#zone-branding-wrapper {
	height: 600px;
	background: url(../images/header.jpg) center top;
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Hey, thanks! I guess this proves I'm a newbie.


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I used the example and it worked perfectly.
However when I changed to #zone-preface-wrapper it only worked for the logged in state, not the logged out
Any ideas how to get other wrappers to work for anonymous users?
Thanks in advance

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I suspect you mean the background image does not show. It is likely you have page caching enabled for anonymous users and need to clear the page cache before you can see the changes.

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It is true that I have page caching, but I have cleared the caches with no effect.
When I do the same for zone-branding-wrapper there is no problem everything works as expected.

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That implies there may be an existing background or background-image already applied to the zone in question. I would use firebug to see what css is applying to the region.

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I checked the CSS with firebug and there is no background to this zone, in fact it is not used but available for use under Omega 3, which is why I originally chose it.
I am not sure that I understand how the presence or otherwise of an existing background prevents a background appearing to anonymous users when it is visible to a logged in user.

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I had this same problem whereby a background image was showing when logged in but not when logged out.

Just in case anyone else has this issue, here's what worked for me:

Go to Appearance > Settings > Zone and Region Configuration - then find the region where you need the background image to show and check the box that says "Force this Region to be Rendered".

It seems that for logged out users it sees it as empty so doesn't show it.