Both Alpha and Omega's theme descriptions say:

"This theme should not be used directly, instead choose one of the Omega or Alpha starterkits."

However, if you have no idea what the heck a 'Omega or Alpha starterkit' is, you are pretty stuck. :)

Seems like the word 'starterkit' should probably link to README.txt? Or maybe to ?


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I need (at least the basic first steps) documented of the starterkits & basic setup... It's not even clear that it's super easy to generate a subtheme now through the UI using Omega Tools (omega_tools)...

And since the decision was made to hide the starterkits from the appearance page, it IS a bit unclear.


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This has been fixed, and will be available in the upcoming 3.1 release.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.