I've seen a few requests to make fields within a collection conditional, but I have a need for the entire field collection to be triggered by a boolean.

Many thanks.


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You can made a field collection field conditional on a boolean field in the Content/TaxTerm etc in the same way you would do this for a non field collection field.

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Have you actually tried this? I just did, and it doesnt work.

This is not a duplicate. It just doesnt work. Steps:

Create a field collection.
Add it to a node
Add a Float
Add a condition based on that float

And see that it doesnt work.

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Sorry reopening, see previous comment

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I have the same problem, simple setup a field which is a field collection triggered by a boolean. Added another simple text field as well to test and the text field works but the field collection is always visible?

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~Same issue here.

Use Case

  • I have a content type with a field collection named A.
  • Field collection A has 4 fields: (#1) a term reference field, two link fields (#2 and #3), and another field collection within it named B.
  • Field collection B is composed of two text fields (#3 and #4).
  • Within field collection A I have a term reference field (#1) set up as the dependee field for #2, #3, and B, where they are "...visible when Video Source has value "Term IDs" (setup for unique IDs for each dependent).

RESULT: This use case hides 1 and 2 appropriately until their assigned terms are selected in the taxonomy term selector, but won't hide B by default.



Here is the fix: https://drupal.org/node/1648128#comment-7857101

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