I ran across an issue with the plugin selections today. The ckeditor module was preventing the edit forms from loading because I had the media module checked off.

I have ckeditor version 1.3 installed with Drupal 7.8.

Since version 1.2 the plugins section have been reworded.

I noticed this new line:
Plugin for inserting images from Drupal media module (buttons: Media)

Unfamiliar with the new selections, I checked it off. When I went to edit or create a page the form would not show. When I unselected this checkbox, the form showed up.

When you have Drupal media module in the description, we think it is part of the core. However, I don't see it in my module list. Also - (buttons: Media) - makes us think it might have something to do with the MediaEmbed, but it does not. If a plugin item is not available, it should not be an option. The edit forms should not break if you have this an item selected and the corresponding module is not installed.

Some ideas:

1. I think there should be some check if the module is installed before giving the user the option to select this item
2. Provide some type of warning while saving the form
3. Remove the selection and let the media module add the selection when enabled (not sure if this is possible)




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Thx for notice this. We will check this. Please be patient.

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Status: Active » Needs review
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I create small patch. Please check it. An give a note if it helps.

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Title: Drupal Media Module selection Prevents Edit forms from loading when module is not installed » [D7] Disable Media and IMCE module selection if not installed
Status: Needs review » Fixed

Ok i fix it and commit to GIT.

I also add IMCE plugin selection disable if module is not installed.


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Thanks for the quick patch. I will test.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.