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MD5: 315d61d587d038ef76a1077c2147d3e4
SHA-1: b9fc83082bfe024402ee0d0296505bf2d5d5d293
SHA-256: 6eb8c8367a090aeaba10f690dd1ddc7521e27ab8c2e1b6a04dfe60931d1188e7
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MD5: 21a84bb78e51819c41d570a8166f79c7
SHA-1: 0d898f8e6b0930f36b2fdbf6f6fee8fdf2667514
SHA-256: 46ef77e6633ab9dd14b4e9d9d32a15957bd234823e7142f496e930cdc5382d18

Release info

Created by: amateescu
Created on: 20 Sep 2011 at 21:45 UTC
Last updated: 6 Jun 2015 at 20:28 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-2.0-alpha2:

  • #1274026 by fuerst: Remove lower case for page title in the Nodequeue edit form.
  • #719426 by slip: Follow-up: Apply the fix from 4fd425b to autocomplete too.
  • #1284148 by seworthi: Missing form validation in nodequeue_generate.
  • #851616 by amateescu and netsensei: Translation: autocomplete on subqueue lists incorrect nodes.
  • #719426 by fuerst and amateescu: "Restricted node" message in the queue.
  • #1281578 by bellesmanieres: nodequeue.js uses deprecated Drupal.parseJson
  • #1270652 by MrHaroldA: Undefined variable: sqid in nodequeue_queue_swap().
  • #1269802 by queenvictoria: nodequeue_subqueue_position() syntax needs updating.
  • #1235690 by amateescu: Allow a user to add nodes from every content type if he didn't specify one.
  • #1241602 by sethfisher and amateescu: Nodequeue Generate Not Prepending Table Prefix.
  • #1222094 by slashrsm and amateescu: Port Nodequeue generate to D7.
  • #1212876 by joachim: hook_nodequeue_sort_alter() is broken.
  • #1208670 by paranojik: Smartqueues configuration should rely on field names not field ids.
  • #1191006 by amateescu: Malformed links in queues admin list.
  • #1168228 by zyxware: Follow-up - Prevent duplicate positions.
  • #983024 by slashrsm, marcvangend and amateescu: Port Smartqueue Taxonomy to D7.
  • #737204 by amateescu: Nodequeue node tab doesn't work correctly with translated nodes.
  • #1168228 by zyxware and amateescu: Prevent duplicate positions.
  • #913474 by Aron Novak and amateescu: Node edit link should not appear when not editable.
  • #1180470 by amateescu: Cleanup nodequeue variables on uninstall.
  • #670282 by amateescu: Change all references to 'nodequeue' to queue and subqueue where appropriate.
  • #625452 by amateescu: Tab on subqueue edits parent queue: unclear UI.
  • #625470 by amateescu: Make it clear that choosing taxonomy queue vocab is a one-time choice.
  • #1048994 by amateescu: Nodequeue count in hook_nodequeue_remove is unreliable.
  • #593868 by amateescu: Node remains in queue if afer shuffle + reverse without saving.
  • #984552 by fgm: Incorrect help for smartqueue hook_nodequeue_queue_form().
  • #213074 by amateescu: Usability: Permissions are confusing.
  • #1105504 by Rob_Feature and amateescu: Make form_id unique on each nodequeue admin form.
  • #1171078 by amateescu: Sort queues in the Promote tab.
  • #1169890 by mikeker and amateescu: Call to undefined function nodequeue_link() when adding nodequeue links to a
  • #363958 by amateescu: Show more titles in the autocomplete search box.
  • #958576 by amateescu: Passing Coder's review.
  • #1167846 by Gekiboy and amateescu: nodequeue_load_random_node(sqid) does not return content.


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