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Last updated: September 20, 2011 - 17:11

Release notes

Make sure to double check your field's settings after updating from the previous release, just in case ;)

Mainly bug fixes, code cleanup and overall maintenance.

Commits in this release:

JS code cleanup, some unnecessary global variables were being declared and a missing semicolon. view commit.

Added translation template, as well as German and Spanish translations. view commit.

Bug fix #858664: Deeplinking error (galleryformatter.js) by Manuel Garcia, Fleshgrinder
#845074: Prevent themes from displaying bullet icons on LI elements by Fleshgrinder
Bug fix #876392: Bad thumb ul width causes render problems by miguel_angel, Manuel Garcia.
Bug fix #892038: Use of undefined constant CONTENT_HANDLE_MULTIPLE
Bug fix #924992: The php 5.3 issue by jonhattan

Moved the integration with third party jQuery modal modules into the widget settings for two reasons, ability to choose, and performance.

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