Would be awesome if you made it possible to export the settings width features. Can you confirm this?

I can't test it now but when I committed it the vars exists.

#6 features_integration-1284808-6.patch20.24 KBJelle_S


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This sounds like an awesome idea. When I get some time I'll look at doing this.


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what needs to be done I think is:

  • Use ctools export
  • rewrite the db querys to not use db_merge (this will not work with features)
  • use uuid for machinenames (or other uniq machine name)
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Any progress for this request?

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Title: Export settings » Features integration
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20.24 KB

Patch uses ctools to manage the configuration objects, making them exportable with features.

Bonus (but not added to this patch):
Possibility to switch to CTools Export UI in the future to reduce the amount of code in the module.

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There is the patch which uses variables table to store all the settings. That means it can be exported as the features using strongarm and features module.

Patch Issue Link

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I'm aware of that issue, but since the maintainers switched from using variables in the 1.x branch to their own table in the 2.x branch, I assume they had their reasons and most likely will not be willing to go back to the old architecture. Also, with strongarm, the user has to know what variables to export. With this approach it is much clearer what to export to your feature.

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Patch #6 tests successfully for me. I enabled Front Page, added configuration, exported configuration with Features, imported configuration into another site, and verified deployment. The only gotcha is that a site builder will need to remember to use Strongarm to grab the 'front_page_enable' variable. It'd probably be a good idea to add something to the README.txt.

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This patch works well for me.

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The patch works as expected. It would be great to have it committed.

This solves also the need to switch form a table to variables (#2070701: Variables table instead of the custom front_page table.). Personally I prefer a table instead to fill the variables table more and more.

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Any update on getting this committed? Would love to have this!

Patch no longer works for the current version :(

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I'm not sure if this patch is necessary. With the patch committed in https://www.drupal.org/node/2070701 the config can be exported using features + strongarm.

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Hmm - all i see in the feature is
$strongarm->name = 'front_page_enable';
$strongarm->value = 1;

None of the settings were exported - not seeing where in features I can tag specific settings?

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You should see some variables like front_page_role_$rid using the last dev version.

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